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Unique Features for Commercial Metal Awnings

Posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 at 10:32 am.
carroll architectural shade commercial metal awnings

Commercial metal awnings give you unique lighting and signage options.

Selecting the right shade structure for your business can be a challenging task. You want to choose the best structure because this addition can be an investment that pays off well when chosen correctly. Many commercial property owners choose to add metal awnings to their buildings. Commercial metal awnings can give your storefront sleek appeal and can easily endure any weather. However, in addition to those benefits, there are a few other features that can add to your metal shade structure’s function and appearance. 


Your commercial metal awnings will be permanent features for your building. Because they will be sturdy and long-lasting, you can make these awnings feel like an extension of your building by adding different lighting fixtures. These fixtures can help you encourage customers to visit later in the day by creating a welcoming and safe atmosphere. 

Lighting is essential for businesses like restaurants, which often have customers visiting in the evening. Recessed lights can give your awnings a classy and understated look, or you can include pendant lights or string lights that fit well with your interior design. You may also choose to backlight your awnings with spotlights to further draw attention to your store’s entrance. 


Your metal awnings always provide an excellent branding opportunity. While fabric awnings allow you to print your name and logo, a metal awning’s sturdy, permanent structure means that you can add three-dimensional lettering. This not only allows you to create a creative, distinct design for your storefront but enables customers to see your store’s signage from farther away. Signage and lighting are both essential for drawing customers to your business. When you install commercial metal awnings, you make it easier to create a storefront that draws in as many visitors as possible. 


Many property owners may not know that commercial metal awnings are highly customizable. There are a number of shapes and materials you can choose from when designing your new awnings. A flat awning is a popular choice because it blocks the sun and rain and can provide significant space for seating or parked vehicles. However, you can also choose wedge or concave awnings or awnings with open slats. You can also install outdoor fans in your metal shade structure or add any other decor elements you wish to create the beautiful and eye-catching awning you desire. 


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