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3 Primary Design Elements of Fixed Awnings

Posted on Thursday, December 16th, 2021 at 10:04 am.
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Consider these three design elements before designing your new fixed awnings.

If you want year-round protection from the elements, and guaranteed comfort and shade, fixed awnings are a worthy investment. Fixed awnings are permanent shade structures that do not retract and can be made of high-quality aluminum or steel and are often covered with a variety of durable fabric. If you are considering adding an awning to your commercial or residential property, three primary design elements of fixed awnings should be considered. After considering these three elements, you are ready to create the best new awning for your property with the experts at Carroll Architectural Shade. 

The Awning’s Purpose 

Fixed awnings can be designed for various properties, so not every structure will have the same primary function or purpose. When creating your awning, you will need to know the specific purpose because that will influence how you design the rest of your awning. Do you primarily want to protect furniture or appliances from the weather? Do you want the awning to add aesthetic appeal and draw attention to your business? Will you add fans, televisions, or heaters underneath your awning? The answers to these questions and others like them will help you create the most functional awning for your needs. 

The Size of the Awning

Another one of the key design elements of fixed awnings is the size. The size of your awning is determined by the amount of coverage desired. Consider the column spacing you would like and the total clearance from the ground to the top of the awning. The coverage of your fixed awning can vary greatly depending on your property and the desired function of your awning.

The Awning Configuration and Style

The overall design of fixed awnings will be influenced by the surrounding architectural structures on the property. Restaurants and commercial buildings often use fixed awnings as a billboard or sign at the front of their building. This inspires them to add graphics on the awning that display crucial information like the business name and its services. The existing design of your building will also influence the colors and patterns you choose for your new awning. You want your final fixed awning to provide the function you desire and add beauty and curb appeal to your property. 


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