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How Your Store Awning Can Attract New Customers

Posted on Thursday, October 21st, 2021 at 9:54 am.
carroll architectural shade attract new customers

A new store awning from Carroll Architectural Shade can help you attract new customers and provide a great experience.

The appearance of a store can do a lot to attract new customers and keep old ones returning. If you can create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, your customers will be more likely to enjoy spending time in your store and more likely to purchase your products. It can be challenging to stand out from the competition, but one easy way to attract new customers and draw them into your space is to install a new store awning. By designing a unique, beautiful awning with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can attract people to your store, highlight your products, and open up outdoor spaces. 

Create a Welcoming Entry 

The first thing that a new store awning can provide is a welcoming entry. A beautiful new awning can make your business name and logo visible from a distance and include your business type and operating hours. This allows potential customers to look at your awning and see the essential information. 

Then, when people visit your entrance, the shade and weather protection provided by the awning makes entering your store more comfortable. If it’s raining, customers have time to close their umbrella and shake off some rain, or if it’s sunny, they can immediately enjoy the shade. If you have enough space, you can extend your awning outward to form a welcoming walkway. No matter what size it is, your new awning can help your store stand out from the rest. 

Encourage People to Look In 

If you have display windows in a pedestrian traffic area, you can use that space as an organic storefront billboard. Display windows often show off some of the most popular or newest items for your sale in a store. A store awning above your display windows can protect passersby from the elements and encourage them to gather under the awning. While there, they have an opportunity to notice the items in your display window. This may then entice them to step inside and browse your store. 

Highlight Interior Spaces

You can also use awnings inside to add extra charm and highlight specific areas. You can create a focal point with an awning and use it to cover the registers or another busy section of your store. Using a store awning inside can help you draw customers to the most important places of your store and help them find your best products and services. 

Open Up a Patio or Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor space that you aren’t fully utilizing, a new awning can encourage you to spruce that space up. If you have outdoor dining options or outdoor seating, an awning can encourage customers to go outside and enjoy the scenery. When an awning covers outdoor seating or dining, your customers know that they can enjoy relief from either intense sunlight or the occasional rainstorm. A new awning can also increase the beauty and charm of any outdoor space. 

If you are ready to attract new customers, consider adding a new store awning from Carroll Architectural Shade.


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