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How to Decorate Your Awnings For The Holiday Season

Posted on Thursday, December 9th, 2021 at 10:30 am.
Carroll Architectural Shade decorate your awnings for the holiday

Whether you have a commercial or residential awning, discover what you can do to decorate your awnings for the holiday season.

If you love to decorate your property with lights, garlands, or other festive decorations, you don’t have to leave your awning out of that decorating equation. There are decorations you can add to your home or business awnings as long as you first pay attention to basic safety considerations, so your awning remains durable and beautiful after the holidays pass. Read on for a few essential tips if you want to know how you can decorate your awnings for the holiday season. 

Prepare to Decorate Your Awnings

To make sure you decorate your awnings successfully, you must prepare effectively. If you want to hang string lights on your awnings, you need to gather your lights, awning hangers, and measuring tape. 

First, identify how many lights you will need to cover your awning. Use your measuring tape to measure the awning border and discover the length of the string lights you require. Plug your lights in before hanging them to ensure that every bulb works, and you don’t need to make any replacements. Finally, inspect every string light to confirm that no breaks or damages exist that pose a safety risk. 

Hang Your Twinkling Lights

Once you’re ready to hang your twinkling lights, you can attach the awning hangers to the front of your awnings. These hangers can slide from side to side when you need to adjust the space between them. Generally, a distance of about ten inches is best to help the string lights hang on your awnings beautifully. Remember to use lightweight bulbs to avoid adding too much extra weight to your awnings. 

When you decorate your awnings for the holiday season, you make your home or business more inviting for guests. These lights add extra warmth and coziness that is especially welcome during the cold, dark winter months. 

Consider Garlands, Bows, and More

Once your lights are hanging, you can add extra embellishments for even more visual impact. You can add garlands, velvet bows, wreaths, and stockings to your awnings to lean into the holiday spirit.  

If you have a business and want to change its appearance during the holiday season, you can consider designing custom awning fabric. At Carroll Architectural Shade, we can help you select the awning fabric that highlights your business and creates the style you desire. If you want a more seasonal awning appearance, contact our expert designers to see what awning designs you can enjoy this winter. 


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