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4 Essential Qualities of a Great Commercial Awning

Posted on Thursday, May 13th, 2021 at 10:52 am.
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A great commercial awning will be large, appealing, and capable of making a great first impression.

Business owners are always looking for a competitive edge over their competitors. Designing a great commercial awning can be one way to highlight your business and create a storefront that stands out from the rest. Awnings are an excellent investment, as they not only provide more functional and comfortable space for your business but can double as signage and advertising for your business. Plus, an awning makes for a much more attractive way to advertise your business’s services than a sign in the window. So what are the essential qualities of a great commercial awning? Read on to discover the four critical attributes of your new shade product. 

Clear Readability 

The best commercial awning will be easy to read. This clear readability will help your business stand out from the surrounding ones. It can be challenging to help your business stand out from a row of others and to appeal to passing potential customers. Fortunately, you can design an awning that displays your product, service, or message clearly. A great commercial awning will attract potential visitors and inform them of what you can provide them. 

Energy Savings

A new commercial awning can help you save extra money you would have spent to cool your business. That is because awnings block UV rays that typically penetrate windowpanes and block harsh light and heat from entering your building. Your building temperature is then naturally reduced, and you don’t need to rely on the air conditioning as you may have before. You can then take the money you save and put it back into your business. 

A Large Surface Area

A larger awning is going to provide more benefits. A great commercial awning will be large enough to provide ample energy savings, fit your logo and information, and provide shade and protection for your entrance or outdoor seating. Installing an awning can provide you with more flexible building space by enabling you to add outdoor seating or an outdoor waiting area for guests. 


Customers make their first impression of your business and brand before they even walk into your store. This is why a great commercial awning is necessary to attract customers and keep them coming back. When designing your awning with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can select the best colors, patterns, and prints for your awning, so it goes well with your building design and highlights your logo. By designing a creative new awning, you can attract more attention to your building and enhance the general curb appeal of your store. 

With a new awning, you will have no trouble creating an excellent first impression for new customers. 


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