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4 Reasons Pet Owners Should Install Patio Awnings

Posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2022 at 10:23 am.
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Install patio awnings to provide coverage not just to your family but to your pets as well!

If you have pets, you know how important outdoor time is for your animals. Plenty of dogs, and even some cats, like having regular opportunities to run and play outside or just sit out under the sun. However, your pets also have to be protected from numerous risks that may appear outdoors. If your pet loves sitting outside, perhaps on your deck or patio, adding patio awnings is one way to provide basic protection and comfort for your pets. If you are ready to install patio awnings for your furry family, contact Carroll Architectural Shade to design your ideal products. Your pet will soon be able to enjoy the following benefits. 

Keep Paws Safe 

Adding extra shade to your patio with a new awning can protect your dog or cat’s sensitive paws from a hot patio surface. Patios absorb heat from direct sunlight, and while we don’t notice it because we often wear shoes, our pets do not have that protection for their vulnerable paws. Patio awnings shade your patio surface from direct sunlight, so less heat is absorbed. This means your furry friend can walk across and sit down on your patio without any discomfort or risk of injury. 

Provide Shade During Hot Days

Of course, when you install patio awnings, you provide shade to the entire patio area. This reduces heat absorption in the patio surface and provides a cooler, shaded area in which to relax. This is not only nice for humans but animals too. 

Although pets may feel more comfortable outdoors than we do, that doesn’t mean they can’t get hot or even overheated. In fact, your pet’s body may be much more likely to experience heat stroke than yours. Adding shade to your patio allows you and your pet to sit outside longer – even on those hot, bright days – and feel much more comfortable. 

Extra Protection From Rainy Weather

During the year, especially in the fall and spring seasons, your pet may be forced to stay indoors because of rain showers. No one enjoys being cooped up for days, especially playful dogs or cats. When you install new patio awnings that provide complete coverage for your outdoor area, you create a space that shields you and your pets from the rain. Now, with your awning in place, you and your pet can sit or play outside on the patio without getting soaked or running through puddles. 

Cool Down Your Interior Temperatures

If you are concerned about heat affecting your pet, you must also consider how high indoor temperatures can affect them. If you want to cool down your home during the summer without increasing your air conditioning, awnings installed above your exterior windows can help block direct sunlight. Installing awnings throughout your home, in addition to your patio, can provide full protection during the summer. If you install retractable awnings, you can close these awnings during the winter to take advantage of the sunlight absorbed into your home for warmth. 


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