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How to Find the Right Awning Colors

Posted on Thursday, October 6th, 2022 at 9:47 am.
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Consider your home design to find the right awning colors. For example, this awning matches the window shutters perfectly!

You already understand the benefits of awnings: durability, shade, and energy savings. While designing your awning with Carroll Architectural Shade will help you create an awning that is as durable and functional as desired, you also want to consider how your awning looks. Awnings are meant to not only provide you with practical benefits like shade and protection from the elements but are intended to fit in with your property design and enhance overall curb appeal. The awning designers at Carroll Architectural Shade can help you create beautiful awnings by designing sturdy items and helping you find the right awning colors. The color you choose depends on many factors: the style, color, and size of your building, as well as the interior and exterior design of your property. 

Find the Right Awning Colors By Considering the Architectural Style

It’s important to consider which colors are appropriate for your style of home or business. For example, traditional-style buildings often look best with subdued colors such as: 

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Forest Green
  • Navy Blue
  • White

However, building styles in a more contemporary fashion may look best with vibrant colors. A bold statement can also go a long way, especially for commercial businesses

Consider Accent Colors for Your Awnings

Finding the right awning colors means finding the colors that will accent your existing design rather than just blend into it. When searching for the right awning colors, consider accent colors already on your home, such as window frames or doors and nearby surroundings. The colors shouldn’t clash or be too similar to their surroundings as it ruins the potential impact of the awnings. Selecting the right awning colors to accent your building will help the awning stand out and emphasize these accessories. 

Pick a Color By Considering Your Building’s Size

If you own a traditional-style building, you will want to select a classic canvas awning that won’t overwhelm the building’s design. If your building is smaller and more modern, you might benefit from choosing a contemporary model that can feature a range of colors. 

When you consider these crucial factors, you can create your ideal new awnings with the experienced designers at Carroll Architectural Shade.


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