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4 Ways to Add Shade to Your Pool

Posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 at 3:10 pm.
carroll architectural shade add shade to your pool

Add shade to your pool and patio area with Carroll Architectural Shade.

Pools are essential to summer fun, keeping families and homeowners outdoors, entertained, and comfortable during the hottest days. However, sometimes you want a little extra shade over parts of your pool so you can enjoy this appealing feature without exposing yourself to direct sunlight for hours. Installing a shade structure over your pool can provide you with a range of comfortable benefits and even add a unique ambiance and style to your outdoor entertainment area. If you’re looking to add shade to your pool, consider installing one of the following products from Carroll Architectural Shade.


A pergola can provide ambient shade with just the right amount of filtered light over your pool. Placing a pergola at one end of your pool can also create a bold visual centerpiece. If your pool has seating built into one corner of the pool, the pergola may be a great addition to that relaxed area of your swimming pool. 

Retractable Shade Canopies

Retractable shade canopies can provide shade more completely than almost any other option. This shade tool can provide shade to an entire section of your pool with ease, and when you choose a retractable option, you provide yourself with much-needed flexibility. You can open up the covering when you want to enjoy the sun and warm up your pool. If a summer rain shower comes through, you can use your retractable canopy to cover your pool and stay outside for as long as you wish. 

Free-Standing Canopy

Free-standing canopies can add a sleek, modern look to your poolside. The two-post system can pair a retractable canopy with a durable aluminum frame. You can install this shade system next to your pool to provide a bit of sun and rain protection when and where you need it. 

Shade Pergolas Alongside Your Pool

If you don’t want to add shade to your pool itself, you can create a shady comfortable area alongside the pool. Those swimming in your pool will want to step out and take a break at some point, and providing them with a shady refuge can help create an outdoor oasis. You can install a shade pergola next to your pool and place some outdoor furniture underneath to encourage people to cool off under this lightly shaded area. 

No matter which product you choose, adding shade to your pool or backyard space can be an excellent way to provide some much-needed relief during the hottest days of summer. 


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