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A Brief History of Awnings 

Posted on Friday, April 3rd, 2015 at 1:04 am.

Restaurant tables in DubrovnikFunctionality and practicality have defined the history of awnings, but adding a residential awning helps to enhance the beauty and charm of any home. Throughout the ages, awnings have played a key role in providing relief from the heat. Even when electricity was first widely available, people still looked for alternative ways to cool their homes. Many of us find ourselves in the same situation today.

An Early History of Awnings

Throughout our existence, humans have always found creative ways to solve common issues. In Ancient Egypt and the Middle East, homes and marketplaces featured prime examples of makeshift awnings. Rugs were placed over the entries of doors and windows to provide relief from the sun and became an early form of residential awnings. Food and livestock also needed protection from the heat, and early forms of awnings were used to provide shelter.

Ancient Rome and Retractable Awnings

With such large gatherings at the Coliseum, stadiums and amphitheaters, the Roman Empire needed to find a way to protect the public from various weather conditions. It may seem inconceivable without the use of computers and electric motors, but the Romans actually had a retractable awning system in place for the Coliseum! Hundreds of skilled sailors would deploy and maintain these awnings, and with just manpower, 240 wooden beams supported the Coliseum’s awning system.

The Decline of Residential Awnings after World War 2

After World War 2, electricity and air conditioning became prevalent in most American homes. With a seemingly cheap cost and wider availability, homeowners spent much more time inside because of air conditioning, and wanted to take full advantage of the comfort of staying indoors.

Aluminum awnings also became popular during this time, and the uniqueness of residential awnings started to disappear. Fear not though! The residential awning made a comeback, and this is why the history of awnings is very unique.

The Benefits of Residential Awnings

More and more job opportunities were to be found in factories and offices, and workers began spending more time at their jobs than they did at home. Mainly confined to an indoor environment for most weekdays, weekends became associated with barbeques and spending time outdoors for most workers. Homeowners wanted to find a way to keep their friends and relatives content at gatherings, so a residential awning was one of the perfect solutions to enjoy the outdoors while remaining comfortable.

Whether you wanted to increase the enjoyability of your outdoor space, cut down on energy costs or add to the beauty of your home, residential awnings fit almost every need.


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