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Your Arlington Awning Design: The Best Colors for Sun Protection

Posted on Thursday, July 13th, 2023 at 9:57 am.
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Consider which colors and designs are best for your Arlington awning design.

As you prepare to design your original awning with Carroll Architectural Shade, one of a few factors you must consider is the color of your awning. If you are primarily concerned with installing awnings that keep heat and sun away from your outdoor living spaces or commercial areas, a few colors will work better than others to reflect sunlight and heat. It may not be as simple as you think: for instance, dark colors are best for shade but can absorb heat and be a bit stifling in hot weather, while light colors are cooler to sit under as it reflects more sunlight, but it offers less UV protection. As you determine your Arlington awning design, consider which colors are best for your comfort needs. 

The Best Colors for Heat Protection 

Generally, the rule is that a lighter color will always be cooler. Therefore, if you desire a respite from the heat, create an Arlington awning design in white, yellow, or light shades of lilac, green, pink, or blue. These colors will reflect much of the heat and make it cooler to sit beneath them. 

By comparison, dark, rich tones of black, brown, indigo, and purple will absorb the sun’s rays, making it hotter to sit under canopies of those colors. 

The Best Colors for Sun Protection 

Black or brown is the best choice if you want to design an awning that will filter out as much sunshine as possible. The fabric is densely woven, and the color makes it difficult for the rays to penetrate. The material then absorbs the rays rather than reflecting them.

The Best Color for Your Backyard

If you are creating an Arlington awning design for your backyard, you want to make an awning that provides heat and sun protection. This means you will have to find a compromise that works best for you. 

White reflects all wavelengths of light, while black absorbs them, so you need something in between. Light blue may be a good choice because it reflects all wavelengths except blue, and light green is a functional choice for similar reasons. 

However, if you are concerned about dirt showing up on your awning, you may prefer a darker shade that can more easily camouflage stray dirt or debris. 

The Best Awnings for Ultimate Shade

If you primarily are about installing an awning that provides consistent shade, you can install a dark-colored awning but find ways to work around its heat-absorbing properties. For example, you want to make sure that your awnings have open sides that allow for a constant flow of air that can cool the space. You might even raise the canopy roof for even better airflow. 

Your awning designer at Carroll Architectural Shade can provide the best suggestions for your Arlington awning design. We can assess your space and determine what is needed to ensure comfort and longevity in your shade products. 


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