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4 Reasons to Design Original Awnings for Your Ocean City Business

Posted on Thursday, July 20th, 2023 at 9:54 am.
carroll architectural shade design original awnings for Ocean City business

Call Carroll Architectural Shade to design original awnings for your Ocean City business.

Ocean City, Maryland, can be an exciting place to own a business, as you can attract numerous new and returning customers who are there to not only enjoy the beach but enjoy some shopping and local charm. If you own an Ocean City business, you must take every opportunity to help your business stand out and attract customers with dozens of shops to choose from during their visit. One of the best ways to stay competitive is to design original awnings for your Ocean City business. The experienced awning designers at Carroll Architectural Shade are here to help you create long-lasting awnings for your business. Call us today to get started and enjoy the benefits these shade products can bring. 

Increased Visibility and Branding 

Many Ocean City businesses install awnings to grab customers’ attention while driving downtown or walking along the shopping avenues or the boardwalk. Awnings let you clearly show off your business name and the products or services you offer. You might even include your store hours for increased convenience.

When you design original awnings for your Ocean City business, you customize your product to suit your business. This means you can select the best colors, patterns, and shapes to fit your building’s design. Using your store colors will further illustrate your brand and make it clear to all who see it. 

Provide Shade and Shelter 

Any Ocean City business owner knows that customers will be out, regardless of rain or sun – and in Maryland, both types of weather can occur multiple times a day! If you want to make your store even more appealing for your customers, installing original awnings for your Ocean City business is essential. 

Your awnings provide shade to your entrance, which can protect any sale items you have on display outdoors. The shade also provides relief to the customers who browse those sale items and wander into your store. When it rains, your customers can take shelter under your awning, and you can avoid moving items in and out all day long to account for the weather. 

Increased Usable Space

When you add an original awning to your storefront, you create more space that you can effectively use to sell your items or seat your customers. If you own a shop and sell products like clothing, beach accessories, toys, or books, you can set up tables or racks under your awnings to highlight special sale products and attract customers. The awnings will protect these items from rain and fading due to sunlight. 

If you own a restaurant, cafe, or ice cream parlor, you can add small tables underneath your awning to give your customers more space to sit and enjoy their food. 

UV Protect for Your Property 

Sunlight can help illuminate the inside of your business, but the sun’s rays can damage your products. Clothing, furniture, and rugs can fade when exposed to prolonged, direct sunlight. UV rays can also damage wood finishes. By installing your awning, you increase the shade inside your building. The direct sunlight is blocked, which means your items have UV protection, and your air conditioning can go much further than expected. Keep your employees and customers comfortable with original awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade.


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