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How Awnings Can Increase Your Business

Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2017 at 5:03 pm.
How Awnings Can Increase Your Business

With a commercial awning, your business will stand out above the rest.

Awnings are a great visual tool for attracting new customers to your business, whether they’re walking by or driving by. How can your business use awnings as a commercial marketing tool and boost your visual appeal to boot? Here’s what you need to know!

Awnings Help Your Business Stand Out

When you are in a commercial building with other businesses, it’s hard to let potential and current customers know where you are. It’s almost impossible to attract random foot traffic, since there is no visual cue that you are located in that spot. However, an awning can help give a beautiful visual sign to those walking by and help your business to stand out from others in the same building.

Awnings Expand Your Space

Do you use a sandwich board outside of your restaurant to display your daily specials? Are you located in an area where you can’t display anything on the bustling sidewalk or it will get swept away? An awning installed on the side of your building will help you free up the sidewalk and space around your business so that you can put other things there (or not put other things there!).

Awnings Create a Gathering Space

When it rains, it pours. When it rains, potential customers are also known for running to the closest awning. An awning can actually help entice potential customers to come inside during a rainstorm and make a purchase, look around, or simply gain a positive impression of your business for providing them with a big umbrella.

Awnings Boost Your Visual Advertising

You might have signs in your windows or a chalkboard sign on the sidewalk, but are you doing as much as you possibly can visually to advertise your business? Chances are, the answer is no. Awnings expand your visual advertising options and you can use many different colors, styles, and designs for your commercial awning. When you work with the professionals at Carroll Awning Company, you will end up with a beautiful design.

Awnings Add More Lighting

Awnings are also an awesome way to add more lighting to the outside of your store. You can purchase backlit awnings so that they will be effective at every hour of the day and night, attracting business when you aren’t even open yet.

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