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The Benefits of Installing Solar Shades This Spring

Posted on Thursday, March 25th, 2021 at 9:46 am.
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Learn how your home can benefit from an installation of solar shades this spring.

It is easy to forget during the cool temperatures of winter and spring just how hot summer can be. Even when inside our homes, sunlight pouring through windows can quickly heat rooms and require you to crank up your air conditioning to feel some relief. However, there are a few ways you can cut back on these cooling costs by blocking that intense sunlight from reaching inside your home. One of these solutions is to install solar shades. These shade products are often retractable screens that block the full power of summer sun from entering your doors or windows or garages, patio, and porch. These shades, therefore, help you decrease your cooling costs by providing natural shade and cooling effects. You can take full advantage of the following benefits that solar shades bring by installing your shades before the summer heat arrives. 

Decreased Utility Bills

Installing solar shades can regulate your home’s interior temperature year-round. Solar shades are installed on the exterior of your window, so they prevent solar rays from even touching your windows. This decreases your home interior’s solar heat gain and retains the cool air circulating in your home by your air conditioning unit. When you install your solar shades before summer arrives, you can start benefiting from the shade and cool temperatures they provide for the entirety of the hot summer season.

Year-Round Comfort

New solar shades do more than just prevent heat from entering your home. Your interior decor will also benefit, as excessive sunlight exposure can fade furniture and fabrics. By shading your windows, your upholstery, wood floors, and drapery can all retain their beautiful appearance. Shades can also provide privacy, which can be especially useful in ground-level rooms. These simple shade products can provide a variety of comfort for any home, even outside of the summer season. 


Solar shades can be custom fit and in a color perfectly suitable to your home. You can select shades that provide the right amount of shade, so your home interior isn’t protected too little or put into too much shade. You can also install shades that are motorized and allow for convenient use by any member of your household. 

When you are ready to start saving and enjoying a cool, comfortable home, contact Carroll Architectural Shade for more information on our convenient solar shades. 


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