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Posted on Thursday, October 8th, 2020 at 9:42 am.
craft-bilt retractable shade products

Style your home with Craft-Bilt retractable shade products including shades and pergolas.

Carroll Architectural Shade is excited to work with Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company for the production of a variety of retractable awnings and shade shelters. These retractable shade products meet a variety of our client needs. If you want a flexible awning for your deck or home entrance, you can select from the many Aristocrat Awnings available. Or, if you prefer sleek window coverings, solar shades are the choice for you. Finally, if you want something with extra style, a canopy or pergola can be just the thing. The flexibility of retractable awnings and the professional Craft-Bilt style of each shade product guarantees every customer’s pleasurable experience. The following shade products are just a few of the retractable options available through Carroll Architectural Shade. 

Aristocrat Retractable Awnings 

Craft-Bilt’s Aristocrat retractable awnings are designed to be durable, stylish, and flexible. The awning fabric is created with specialized cutting and sewing equipment made especially for retractable awnings. Retractable awnings deliver unbeatable flexibility for residences and storefronts. Whether you require extra shade and outdoor protection in the summer, or you want to let that sunlight in during the winter, retractable awnings are an asset. 

Solar Shades

These unique shade features are manufactured to keep your home cool by blocking the sun’s rays from ever hitting your windows. You can also use them in creative ways, such as covering your open garage so you can keep your door open but bugs out. Most of the Aristocrat products can be motorized so you can have easy access to shade within the touch of a button. Solar shades are an excellent combination of luxury and convenience for a variety of homes and properties. 

Canopies and Pergolas 

Craft-Bilt canopies and pergolas are some of the most flexible shade products. These can perfectly fit over your patio, deck, or pool. Whether freestanding or mounted to your home, these canopies can be installed nearly anywhere on your property for an added burst of style and comfortable shade. Even better, these canopies are also retractable shade products. Retractable canopies are designed to provide horizontal rafters that create a pergola look and feel. These canopies slide on a double trolley system that can be operated manually or motorized. 

Awnings, solar shades, and canopies all provide unique and valuable shading and comfort to a variety of homes and businesses. Contact Carroll Architectural Shade today to learn more about which product may be best for your property. 


Through our combined locations in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., Carroll Architectural Shade provides innovative craftsmanship, superb service, competitive pricing, and unfailing attention to detail for customers throughout Maryland and Virginia.

Our highly skilled craftsmen design and custom manufacture shade products in house, including commercial awnings, residential awnings, retractable awnings, roll up curtains, aluminum awnings, and flat metal canopies. Founded in 1958 by James Carroll Sr., and still family-owned by his sons today, Carroll Architectural Shade remains committed to delivering top quality craftsmanship and service.

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