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Common Easily Avoidable Problems with Awnings

Posted on Friday, March 17th, 2017 at 5:03 pm.
problems with awnings

Snow is one of the most common problems with awnings, but easy to avoid too.

What are some common and easily avoidable problems with awnings? They’re not the most pleasant to think about. But it is important to deal with them in order to keep your awnings in their best shape. In this blog we’ll explain what some of the most common and yet easily avoidable problems with awnings are.

Easy to Avoid Problems with Awnings Include

Mold: Mold can literally eat away at the fabric of your awning. Mold is among one of the easiest problems with awnings to avoid. Take care of your awning and make sure it is regularly cleaned and dried to prevent mold growth.

Damage from the Sun: The sun can damage your awning as well. UV rays from the sun, much like mold, can disintegrate the fabric of your awning. Fading fabrics or melting fabric-coatings (perhaps meant to protect against sunlight, mold, and other attackers) can decay and interfere with operation of your awning, especially if it is a retractable model.

Rain and Other Wetness: Rain, like sun, can seriously damage your awning. Avoid rain, wetness, and other problems with awnings with a simple trick: maintenance. Keep an an eye on the condition of your awning, since rain will put pressure on it. Consequences of drenched awnings are warping, malfunctions, and in dire cases, breakage.

Suddenly, Snow: Snow, like rain, is another deadly enemy of awnings. Protect your awnings from this problem much like with rain: constant vigilance! Remove snow when it piles on your awning, and before it can tear through the awning itself. Either that, or take down the awning when you are expecting severely heavy winter weather.

Not the Bees! Not the Bees! Ahhh:  Bees and other bee-like or insect-like pests can be very harmful on your awning. It is important to save the bees, yes, but it can be even more important to save your awning. When you see hives and nests, it is best to remove them before they cause too much damage. How can you prevent them from taking up residence? Our best advice is to simply limit their access to anything that could be food. So this means not leaving sweet beverages or excessive amounts of food and trash where bees and their ilk can reach.

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