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What To Consider Before Installing An Awning

Posted on Friday, August 4th, 2017 at 3:55 pm.
What To Consider Before Installing An Awning

Window awnings are a phenomenal way to complement your home and outdoor living space.

Window awnings are a phenomenal way to complement your home and outdoor living space. Installing an awning allows you flexibility when it comes to using your outdoor areas and also adds to the beauty of your home. While installing an awning is an exciting process, there are several things that you should consider before starting the process.

What Material Will You Use?

Commercial and residential awnings are both available in a variety of materials. The two most common materials for awning installations are aluminum and outdoor fabrics. Outdoor fabrics are available in many colors, styles, and patterns to match your outdoor design aesthetic. If you are looking for a more maintenance-free option, aluminum awnings might be the best choice. While aluminum awnings have more limited design choices, they often last for longer periods of time with less maintenance needed.

What Size Will Your Awning Be?

Smaller size awnings are best for adding a colorful and decorative accent to your home. If you are more interested in installing an awning to actually protect your home or patio, you should choose a larger awning. The professionals at Carroll Awning Company can work with you to choose the perfect size awning to accomplish whatever your goal is.

What Type of Awning Will You Install?

There are three main types of awnings that you can choose to install at your home: stationary, freestanding, or retractable. Stationary awnings stay in one place and provide your home with reliable protection you never need to adjust. Freestanding awnings can be moved wherever you need them as the sun moves. A retractable awning is there when you need it and folded against your home when you don’t. Retractable awnings are often the best choice in areas that get a lot of rain, snow, or heavy winds. Severe weather can take a big toll on an awning that isn’t retractable.

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