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Home Improvements: Are retractable awnings long lasting?

Posted on Friday, August 16th, 2013 at 6:17 pm.

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Are you taking on a home improvement projects to enhance your curb appeal? There’s an easy and affordable way to increase your home value and enhance your curb appeal.


Retractable awnings are great home improvement applications. Why? The answer is simple. Awnings are long lasting and reduce your need for high maintenance home care.


The average retractable awning has at least a 10-year warranty to ensure a polished look to your home property.


Most of the maintenance your retractable awnings will need will focus primarily on the acrylic fabric.


Carroll Awning Company is here to provide you proper instruction on how to clean and care for your awnings to lower the likelihood that your acrylic fabric will fade, rot or become damaged by mildew.


What type of awnings should you considered for your home property?


That will all depend on your geographic location and weather conditions. Standard retractable awnings should at least offer the following protections:


-Sunshade/ UV protection

-Shelter against the light rain. During heavy rain, you should retract your awnings to prevent your acrylic fabric from stretching.


When should you use your retractable awnings?


During inclement weather it is not recommended to use your retractable awnings.  In the awning industry, we follow a general rule of thumb. What is that rule of thumb? You can enjoy your retractable awnings anytime it’s comfortable for you to sit outdoors underneath it for dining and leisure. Remember to always put safety first anytime you want to operate your retractable awnings.


Is there a season you should not use retractable awnings?


No, you can use retractable awnings all year round. Just remember during the winter to retract your awnings when not in use. The cold elements and salt used during the winter could damage your retractable awnings.


Carroll Awning is here to help you apply awnings to your home exterior design today. We can create custom awnings for you as well as matching awnings. Have a look at our residential awnings and retractable awnings today.


Carroll Awning Company has been designing and manufacturing custom awnings for years. From conventional to extraordinary awnings, we are here to satisfy your customer service needs.


Stay tuned next week to our blog to learn how to properly clean your custom awnings.


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