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How Commercial Canopies Can Boost Your Profits

Posted on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at 10:53 am.
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Commercial canopies can help advertise your business and draw customers in.

A well-designed and durable commercial canopy shade structure can do wonders for your business. This shade product not only provides comfortable spaces for your customers to gather on your property but acts as a cost-effective marketing tool. The design options for commercial canopies are versatile and creative, so you can find numerous ways to use these products to boost your profits and increase the appeal of your business. Read on for a few standard ways in which canopies help boost business profits. 

Increased Store Visibility 

Commercial canopies can help potential and returning customers spot your business storefront. If your entrance is hidden among others or in the middle of a busy city block, a canopy can do a lot to help your building stand out. You can select the best colors and logo design to highlight your business and catch the attention of passing shoppers. 

Constant Promotion

As people learn more about your business, they are more likely to come in and take a look around. Commercial canopies help introduce you to potential customers by acting as signage. Canopies can be 3D signage, a whole new level of marketing. When people see your canopy with your logo and services highlighted, they can get a great first impression of what you provide. 

Alternatively, if your canopy structures are subtle and understated, this may work to draw people in and encourage them to look closer by peeking in your windows or checking out a menu posted by the door. 

You can also use canopies indoors. You can separate large retail spaces or hotel lobbies into easily identifiable “rooms” that can highlight popular areas like the bar, concierge, cashier, or sales, so your customers can find exactly what they’re looking for with ease. 

Expanded Service Area

The more people you can seat, or the more square footage you have for merchandise, the more revenue you can earn. 

Commercial canopies create additional year-round or seasonal space for outdoor dining, performances, and room for private parties or sidewalk sales. You can use any sidewalk, courtyard, patio, or deck space you have to expand your service area. When canopies are used in these areas, they shield customers and merchandise from aggravating rain and sun. 

Extra Savings

Commercial canopies can shade your windows as well, which cools your interior space naturally. This means that you can save money by using less air conditioning. When selecting the right fabric, you can also deflect most of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This protection not only applies to people sitting under your canopy structures but also protects your furnishings and merchandise from fading and deterioration. 

When you work with Carroll Architectural Shade, you receive canopies made of top-quality and long-lasting materials. This ensures a trouble-free future and keeps your canopies looking beautiful for years to come, providing you a fantastic return on your investment. 

Increased Property Value 

You may want to sell your building one day to move to a different property. Commercial canopy structures add curb appeal that increases the property value of your building, which can attract potential buyers and increase the price you get for your property. This is just another way in which canopies help you save money and earn a lot more. 


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