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The Numerous Benefits of Shade Structures

Posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2021 at 9:48 am.
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Shade structures can provide many significant benefits including shade, protection, and style.

While shade structures may be top of mind during the warm months of summer, these home accessories provide numerous benefits for your home and household year-round. The structures protect your home’s windows, doorways, and outdoor lounge areas from debris, and they block out sunshine and noise. Even if it isn’t 90 degrees outside, the sun shining on your property can still influence your indoor temperatures and the quality of your outdoor lounge spaces. Read more to discover the numerous appealing benefits of shade structures. 

Year-Round Versatility 

Shade structures from Carroll Architectural Shade are built to withstand the sun, wind, and rain, so you don’t need to change your structures every season. Bright, hot sunshine can make sitting outside for long periods uncomfortable. When installing shade structures, you create an always-comfortable outdoor lounge space, either on a patio, porch, or deck. 

Protection From Rain 

Shade structures allow you to be outside for as long as you like without worrying about rain, sleet, or snow. You won’t have to plan your outdoor events by the day’s weather, and you can protect any outdoor furniture or grilling stations by placing them under your canopies or awnings. 

Protection From Dust

If you live in a rural area, you can often expect dust and other natural debris to collect on your front porch, deck, or entrance. Enjoying your natural surroundings can be quite hard to do when your outdoors are dusty and dirty. Shade structures provide a covering that helps combat this dust and debris. This covered area is always protected from aggravating outdoor elements and ready to be enjoyed by you. 

Noise Barriers

Cantilever shade structures are often used to shade bus stops, walkways, and vehicles. The posts are at the rear of this structure, making it great for shading areas where a traditional shade would be too challenging to install. Canopies and awnings can also come in cantilevered form and can help to reduce noise. If your building is near a busy road, these structures may help dim some of that traffic noise. 

Countless Other Benefits

Shade structures contain various benefits, depending on which type of structure you choose to install for your property. A few of the most common benefits you can expect to enjoy are: 

  • You save money on utility bills by lowering cooling and heating costs. This happens because the amount of sunlight or heat that enters your home is decreased when awnings block a portion of the sunlight. During winter, you can retract certain awnings to let in warming sunlight.
  • Your furnishings are protected from sunlight because the structures block harsh sunlight from beaming down on your furniture all day. 
  • Students can enjoy outdoor classrooms more easily with the protection of a shade structure. 
  • Shade structures add value to any home or business.
  • You can spend more time outdoors even when spring or summer is over because you are protected from weather and other outdoor debris like falling leaves. 
  • Structures can help market a business and make the storefront easily identifiable. 

And, finally, shade structures help add some style to any building. If these structures sound like something you need for your home or business, contact Carroll Architectural Shade to discuss your options. 


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