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How Custom Awnings Can Boost Property Value

Posted on Thursday, October 26th, 2023 at 9:52 am.
carroll architectural shade custom awnings boost property value

Discover how custom awnings can boost your property value.

You might already know that awnings can provide your home or business with extra shade and comfort. These home installations are designed to block out the sun from your windows and doors and to provide protection from rain, snow, and other external elements. But what else can awnings do for your property? Due to the comfort, protection, and cost savings awnings provide, custom awnings can boost your property value. When you design original awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can expect these beautiful, long-lasting awnings to stand for years and improve your home’s value. 

Awnings Provide Entertainment Space

When you install outdoor awnings over decks or patios, you can create an entertainment space that keeps your guests from getting sunburned or caught in the rain. You now have an ideal outdoor dining space or a place to sit out and watch your favorite sports teams on the flat screen. You don’t have to be limited by inclement weather that can make socializing uncomfortable or ruin your food and furniture. 

Protect Your Home From the Elements

Awnings not only protect you from weather, but they also protect your home’s structural integrity. Awnings provide protection from sun, rain, hail, and snow. Depending on where your awnings are installed, you may be able to protect your home’s window frame, door frame, door casings, and porch or patio floor. Awnings keep water and moisture away from the details of your home exterior and away from your home’s foundation. 

Custom Awnings Enhance Curb Appeal

Of course, custom awnings can boost property value by simply enhancing the beauty of your home’s exterior. When you create your original awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade, you work with our designers to find the best materials and colors to suit your existing building design. The new awnings will, therefore, enhance your home’s beauty and complement the colors wonderfully. 

Enjoy Energy Savings with New Awnings

Awnings are valuable additions to properties because they can boost energy efficiency. Because awnings block direct sunlight from reaching into your home, you naturally cool your home instead of relying on around-the-clock high-powered air conditioning. If you install retractable awnings, you can close them in the winter to take advantage of winter sunlight so you can naturally heat your home. 

Protect Your Indoor Furnishings and Floors

Limiting the amount of direct sunlight entering your home also reduces the potential damage to furniture and floors. Harsh sunlight exposure can fade fabrics, artwork, and hardwood floors. Once this damage occurs, it cannot be reversed. To keep the inside of your home as beautiful as the day you moved in, install custom awnings to block out damaging sunlight. Contact Carroll Architectural Shade today to improve your property value with original awnings. 


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