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How Retractable Awnings Can Benefit Your Business

Posted on Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 at 10:47 am.
carroll architectural shade retractable awnings benefit your business

Learn more about how retractable awnings can benefit your business.

If you are a Maryland business owner searching for cost-effective solutions to improve your business’s comfort and curb appeal, retractable awnings are an excellent choice. At Carroll Architectural Shade, we design original and long-lasting awnings for our clients. Retractable awnings are highly desirable because of their year-round versatility. You can use these awnings to provide shade, protection, and comfort when needed and retract them to avoid cold weather damage and let in the sunlight you need. If you are considering new awnings, consider how retractable awnings can benefit your business. 

Retractable Awnings Block Harmful UV Rays

The UV rays of the sun can be highly damaging in large doses. These invisible rays lead to sunburns and skin cancer. Retractable awnings can benefit your business and everyone within it by blocking harsh light from entering your building. The window awnings shade you from the sun without completely blocking light, as curtains or shades might. The outdoor retractable awnings placed over patios or dining areas also shield your customers from extended sun exposure. 

Protect Your Business Assets

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also damage furniture, decor, and electronics. When you rely on curtains to block the sunlight, you have to decide between an either/or situation for sunlight. If you want natural light but don’t want the harsh rays to fade your fabrics or damage electronics, install retractable awnings. 

Prevent Glares on Computer Screens

When bright light pours into your building, you frequently notice a glare on computer or TV screens. This makes it very difficult to see what is on the screen, and in a business, when touch-screen registers are used, the glare can make processing purchases difficult and slow. Retractable awnings benefit your business by removing that harsh glare and removing eye strain and hassles that come with it. 

Reduce Your Energy Expenses 

When sunlight pours into your building, solar heat gain describes the effect where the heat rises due to the presence of sunlight. The heat gain increases the temperature inside your building, which can quickly make people more uncomfortable and put a strain on your air conditioning as it works harder to maintain a cool temperature. 

Retractable awnings, and all awnings, are passive cooling solutions that reduce solar heat gain and thereby reduce your indoor temperatures and air conditioning use. When your air conditioning doesn’t need to work so hard to keep you cool, you save a lot on extra expenses. When you retract your awnings, you can use that sunlight in the fall or winter to naturally heat your building and save on heating costs. The versatility of retractable awnings means you always have options for how you use natural light in your business.


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