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Why Retractable Awnings Are Ideal for Decks and Patios

Posted on Thursday, September 14th, 2023 at 12:41 pm.
carroll architectural shade retractable awnings for decks and patios

Learn more about what retractable awnings can do for decks and patios.

Adding shade to your home can be an excellent way to cool your home interiors and provide comfortable outdoor spaces that you can utilize year-round. Carroll Architectural Shade recommends retractable awnings if you want versatile, long-lasting, and convenient shade products. Retractable awnings can be especially beneficial for decks and patios, which homeowners want to enjoy and use to enhance their home value. Contact Carroll Architectural Shade to design custom, durable, retractable awnings with our designers. You can then prepare to enjoy the advantages of new retractable deck and patio awnings. 

Protection from Sun Damage

Like all shade products, retractable awnings for your deck or patio are designed to protect you and your belongings from harsh sunlight. Durable awnings can block the sun’s UV rays from beaming down on you as you sit out underneath the awning. The awning also protects your outdoor furniture and items from fading and wear and tear from prolonged sun exposure. The awnings also protect your items from being drenched in rain storms or covered in fallen leaves during autumn. 

Reduce Your Indoor Cooling and Heating 

Most decks and patios are accessible through glass doors in your home that lead outside. These doors also act as windows, and along with windows alongside them, let natural light steam in and provide you with views of your charming deck or patio. However, that natural light enters your home and heats the interior, which can put a strain on your air conditioning and make life quite uncomfortable. When installing retractable awnings to cover your deck or patio, that awning works to block sunlight from entering your home and increasing temperatures. 

Retractable awnings block the harshest sunlight, which reduces the work your air conditioning must do. These awnings don’t block outdoor views either, as curtains or blinds would. When you install retractable awnings, which can be opened or closed whenever you choose, you can close your awnings to let in sunlight during the fall or winter to enjoy natural heating from the sun.

Awning Adjustability

Retractable awnings for decks and patios are highly appealing because of their adjustability. The awnings can be opened or retracted, depending on your preference. This means you can soak up the sun when you want or enjoy sweet cooling relief when the weather is hottest. 

Create an Outdoor Living Space

A retractable patio awning can help you create a more functional and comfortable outdoor space. When you install a deck or patio, you want to be able to use that outdoor space. Adding an awning that blocks harsh sunlight and rain instantly makes this space more amenable for relaxing, socialization, and long-term enjoyment.

Cool Deck and Patio Surfaces 

An overlooked benefit of deck or patio awnings is how they cool everything underneath the awning, including the surfaces. Composite deck or stone patio surfaces can quickly heat up underneath the sun, making walking across the surface very uncomfortable. The hot surfaces can even be painful and damaging for kids or pets that may wander out. If you want to ensure your family and pets are safe from hot outdoor surfaces, installing a retractable awning from Carroll Architectural Shade is one of the best things you can do.


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