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How to Use Your Awnings During Fall and Winter

Posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2022 at 9:54 am.
carroll architectural shade awnings during fall and winter

You can use your home awnings during fall and winter to create an outdoor space shielded from falling leaves or snow.

If you installed your awnings for extra shade and comfort during those long, hot summer days, you might think the season for awnings is over. On the contrary, awnings are useful throughout the year, including fall and winter! Now that cool fall temperatures are moving in; it’s time to think about how you can use your awnings during fall and winter. Your new Carroll Architectural Shade awnings are designed to withstand all types of outdoor conditions, so you can rest easy knowing that your awnings will be there to help you enjoy all seasonal weather. Read on for a few ideas on how you can enjoy your awnings during the fall and winter seasons.

Extend Home Comfort Outdoors

One of the primary benefits of awnings remains the same: extend the comfort of indoors to the outdoors. As your awnings protect your patio, deck, or other outdoor space from the elements, you can more easily sit outside. For instance, when your awning protects your outdoor furniture from morning dew or rain showers, you can sit outside under your awning and sip your coffee while watching the autumn day roll in. You won’t have to worry about wet furniture, falling leaves or early snow flurries disrupting your time outside. 

Incorporate Your Awnings for Outdoor Storage

By designing comprehensive, high-quality awnings, you may be able to provide some extra protection to outdoor storage. For example, liners that help stop condensation from collecting on whatever is stored underneath your awning can help you create a cool space in which to store fall and winter items like skis. You can also use the area underneath the awnings during fall and winter to work on outdoor projects, like cleaning equipment or carving pumpkins, without worrying about the weather getting in your way. 

Create a Warm Outdoor Entertainment Space

Even when temperatures drop to those chilly lows, you don’t have to stop benefiting from the use of your awnings. You can add a variety of patio heaters or spotlights to the space under your awning so you have a source of comfortable heat when sitting outside under the awnings.

When you have seating near a space heater under your awning, you are not only protecting your seats with your awnings but providing a warm, comfortable space for socializing. You may even install a fire pit near your awning entertainment area, so your guests have some warmth and can have fun making year-round s’mores. 

You can also use your awnings during fall and winter when grilling outside. You don’t have to miss out on delicious hamburgers or grilled vegetables when fall comes around. You can also install a bench or ottoman with storage space inside so you have cozy blankets and sweaters available for your guests when gathering outside. 


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