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How to Maintain Your Residential Awning

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2019 at 9:22 am.
Read on to find out the best residential awning maintenance tips to keep your awning in top shape for years to come.

After you’ve put the time, money, and energy into getting an awning installed, now you have to care for it. If you take good care of your residential awning, it can last for several years. The best way to ensure your awning lasts is to perform regular maintenance checks and occasional cleanings. Read on to find out the best residential awning maintenance tips to keep your awning in top shape for years to come.


Look around for any dirt along the top and bottom of your awning. Sweep any dirt you find with a broom and dustpan. This keeps your fabric looking pristine. Also, if you address dirt right away, you stop dirt from accumulating over time. Make sure you pick a broom with soft bristles because these brooms won’t damage your fabric.


Not everything about residential awning cleaning happens directly on the awning. Other parts of maintenance involve keeping things away from the awning. This includes any trees and shrubs that could be inching closer to the awning gradually. Make sure you trim your branches and shrubs so that they don’t rub against your awning and cause damage. Many plants have acids that can wear down the fabric of your awning, resulting in discoloration. On top of that, some branches are sharp and can poke holes. To protect your residential awning, keep those plants at a safe distance.

Monitor your Residential Awning

Check on your residential awning every now and then to see if there are any tears in it. Smaller damages can be repaired easily, so if you notice any minor rips or tears, get them repaired immediately before they become a bigger problem.

Keep your Residential Awning Washed

Your residential awning is going to get dirty over time. To keep the dirt from piling up, wash it with soap and water. Your best bet is to use a soft bristle brush so that everything soaks into the fabric. Later, you want to rinse your awning using a hose until you get rid of all of the soap residue. This is important because the soap residue can discolor your awning if you don’t rinse it off.

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