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5 Reasons to Cover Your Patio with an Aluminum Awning

Posted on Thursday, July 7th, 2022 at 10:52 am.
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Cover your patio with an aluminum awning for durable coverage throughout the year.

Installing a new awning over your patio is one of the best decisions you can make. Awnings provide shade and shelter to outdoor spaces, and your patio is one of your most beloved outdoor spots. Whether you want to use this space for relaxation, dining, or playing games with the kids, adding an awning can make your outdoor patio even more useful and versatile. If you are considering covering your patio with an aluminum awning from Carroll Architectural Shade, consider the following benefits and how they may contribute to your home. 

Incredible Durability 

Aluminum will not tear or rip under heavy winds or when subjected to rain or hail storms, which is possible with fabric awnings. Your aluminum awning will stay firmly in place with the support of its beams and braces. It is also resistant to heat and does not promote mold or mildew growth, so your awning can stand out under many types of weather without deteriorating in the slightest. 

Extremely Low Maintenance 

Because your aluminum awning is so durable, it requires less maintenance than other materials. Water drains off the aluminum surface quickly and takes dirt and debris with it. This helps prevent damage and dirt build-up over time, as well. If you do need to wipe or clear away leaves or other natural materials that build up, you can easily sweep the material off or clear it with your hose. 

Stay Cool Under the Sun

Aluminum awnings have insulating layers, which absorb heat and promote cooler temperatures in the shade. Your awnings won’t just provide shade for your patio but also windows or glass doors connecting your patio to your home interior. When you keep direct sunlight out of your home, you reduce the rise of heat in your home and your reliance on air conditioning. 

Awnings are also designed to prevent trapped heat, so the space underneath your awning will always feel cool and dry. This allows you to enjoy your patio space even on the hottest days. 

Improved Design and Functionality 

An aluminum awning can create an entirely new look for your home and patio. This is due to the number of colors, designs, and styles you can choose when creating your awning with Carroll Architectural Shade. You can design an awning to complement your roof, brick, or home siding and can further customize your patio awning with skylights, ceiling fans, hanging lights, and more. 

A Custom Awning For Your Home

Your aluminum awning can be designed to fit your specific measurements and needs. When you design a new awning with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can ensure that your awning covers your entire patio. You can also select the best colors and features for your awning with the guidance of our design experts. 

Installing a new custom awning can increase your curb appeal and home value, in addition to providing you with increased comfort on your patio. 


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