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Health and Happiness: The Importance of Office Awnings

Posted on Thursday, September 28th, 2023 at 9:43 am.
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Add office awnings to your building to provide your employees with a relaxing space.

Not every office can create outdoor workspaces, but they can create parts of their building that help employees step out and get some fresh air and natural sunlight when they need a boost. Employees can transform outdoor spaces on the property by installing top-quality office awnings designed by the experts at Carroll Architectural Shade into refreshing work or break time spaces. Learn more about the health benefits of outdoor space to discover how office awnings can be used to boost health and happiness. 

Outdoor Time is Essential 

Humans have an innate need to spend time outdoors. Studies have found that the more connected a person is to nature, the better their well-being is. These hard-wired traits are why many people instantly feel happier or more at ease when they step outside. This is because the brain and body go through mental and physiological changes when outdoors. 

Stress-Busting Effects

Even a little bit of time outdoors can relieve stress and improve relaxation. When installing office awnings, you provide your employees with covered and comfortable outdoor access. Set up your awnings where you can place benches or tables underneath so people have an outdoor space for relaxation and stress relief. 

Reduce the Risk of Chronic Diseases

Studies have found that exposure to greenspace lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. Outdoor time can also reduce the odds of heart disease and hypertension. Green spaces are pieces of land partly or completely covered by vegetation, such as grass, shrubs, trees, or flowering plants. If your building has a green space, cover it with a new awning so people can enjoy this space without exposure to intense UV rays or spring showers. 

Adjustable Office Awnings Adjusts to Sunlight 

While your new awnings can protect against UV rays, adequate sunlight exposure is also important for human health. It is the primary source of vitamin D, and the lack of this vitamin can contribute to various health issues, including depression. 

Spending too much time inside can take a toll on people, so having easy access to sunlight can appeal to your employees. When you install retractable office awnings, you can open up the awnings and let in more light or close them when the heat is too intense. 

Take a Break and Recharge 

Taking breaks at work is essential to productivity, allowing employees to move, relax, tend to their hygiene, and get a bite to eat. Workplace health issues like back pain and muscle fatigue can become more prominent without breaks. Creating a covered outdoor space gives your employees an area where they can chat or eat lunch while breathing in fresh air and soaking up the sun. They can easily recharge and refresh their brain before continuing their work. 

Enjoy More Natural Light 

Natural light, or daylight, can boost mood, increase productivity, and raise well-being. It can boost overall happiness, which is crucial for employee morale. Additionally, sunlight causes less strain on the eyes compared to artificial light. 

Too much sunlight can cause glare on electronics and make it difficult to see information on screens. Additionally, overexposure to the sun’s heat and energy can cause uncomfortable physical side effects. 

Your high-quality office awnings provide enough shade by the office windows so people can have enough natural light coming through without the intense glares of before. 


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