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How to Choose Your Salisbury Business Awning Design

Posted on Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 at 9:48 am.
carroll architectural shade salisbury business awning design

Remember these tips when creating your Salisbury business awning design.

Deciding on the best awning for your business will depend on several factors. To stay competitive with surrounding businesses, you must design an awning that stands out and grabs the attention of passing customers. You want to make sure your name is clear, as well as any crucial services customers may be looking for. Designing a custom Salisbury business awning with Carroll Architectural Shade will ensure that your new shade product is durable, stylish, and makes a great first impression. As you work with your awning designers, consider the following factors and how they may influence your final design. 

Overall Style

If you invest in a custom business awning, it should match your company’s identity. Select the colors, logos, and fonts that best represent your company and brand. You should also select colors that complement the existing colors in your building design or logo. 

Awning Size

The proper size of your Salisbury business awning will be determined by what you intend to protect with the awning and how much room you have available. For instance, if you want to install awnings over windows or a doorway to decrease solar glare and gain, the size will be determined by the size of the windows or doors. Also, remember that selecting a slightly larger canopy is always preferable to choosing one too small. 

Awning Materials and Colors

The color of your commercial awning and the fabric will influence how much heat your awnings can hold. Lighter colors trap less heat in direct sunshine and may be more appealing if you create an outdoor dining area designed to keep customers comfortable. You will also want to discuss with your Carroll Architectural Shade designer which fabrics offer the best waterproof, flame-resistant, and mildew-resistant features. 

Retractable or Fixed Awnings? 

Selecting a retractable or fixed awning is one of the primary concerns of awning owners. A fixed or permanent awning will be extended in a permanent position and protects your customers and furnishings from the weather and exposure to the sun. 

However, some business owners prefer retractable awnings. These awnings can be either fully extended or retracted and closed. A crank or motor can open the awning. These awnings can be useful for outdoor areas that can be enjoyed without an awning cover but can also benefit from occasional coverage. 

Accessories and Add-Ons

Do you plan on adding accessories to your Salisbury business awning? You may add items like lighting, speakers, fans, or heaters to enhance the outdoor dining experience and extend the time when the outdoor space is usable. Your Carroll Architectural Shade design team can advise you on the best materials and tools needed to add the accessories you desire. 

Your Awning Function 

How do you plan on using your new business awning? Considering the primary purpose of your awning will help you make important decisions regarding materials, size, and shape. Do you want to use your awning as signage for your business? Will it be used to cover the dining patio? Considering these questions will help you design the best awning for your Salisbury business. 


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