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How to Enjoy Your Home Canopy This Autumn

Posted on Thursday, September 21st, 2023 at 10:20 am.
carroll architectural shade home canopy this autumn

Learn more about how you can enjoy your home canopy this autumn.

As the weather gets a little colder and the days get shorter, many homeowners abandon their carefully curated outdoor spaces to retreat indoors. However, it’s a shame to waste that outdoor space just because the seasons change. When you install a home canopy over your patio, you can find better ways to utilize your outdoor space throughout the year, especially during the autumn when the fresh, crisp air and beautiful scenery can be something wonderful to experience. When you design and install a custom, long-lasting home canopy from Carroll Architectural Shade, you can enjoy the following methods for creating an inviting space for both relaxation and socialization. 

Install a Patio Canopy

The first step in creating a year-round outdoor space for your patio is to install a home canopy this autumn. If your patio is covered, you will likely stay outside longer. The canopy not only provides cover from unpredictable fall weather but will protect you from falling leaves and debris and make the outdoor space feel a little more enclosed and private. 

Fortunately, the canopy will not block your view of changing trees and gorgeous sunsets. When you design your home canopy with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can create a design that matches your existing building seamlessly to further enhance your curb appeal and home value

Add Year-Round Plants

Now that you have your home canopy installed, you can begin to decorate and design your outdoor oasis. Incorporate plants that stay green year-round, like evergreens, to make sure your yard has some color while everything else starts to die off for the season. Consider planting flowering shrubs like mountain laurel or evergreen azalea to keep leaf color after blooming times are over, or consider adding bearberry, which shows red berries all winter long. This may take some time, but it is well worth establishing a seasonal garden that creates a beautiful outdoor space year-round. 

Add More Lighting

Patio, deck, and landscape lighting can instantly transform a space with just a few simple installations. Adding more light to your outdoor space is especially crucial for improving the use of outdoor space in fall and winter when the day gets darker. Adding cozy lights around your patio or attaching string lights to your home canopy in autumn will encourage you to stay out longer or socialize with friends under the canopy.  

Keep It Warm 

Of course, another reason many people fail to enjoy their outdoor spaces during autumn and winter is because of the cold. Fortunately, when the temperature drops, you can add a firepit or a patio heater to warm your outdoor space. Creating an outdoor space complete with a home canopy, outdoor lights, and a heater will create a space that provides relaxation throughout the year and helps you utilize your gorgeous home patio. 


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