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3 Metal Awning Styles for Commercial Buildings

Posted on Thursday, April 6th, 2023 at 10:00 am.
carroll architectural shade metal awning styles

Find your favorite metal awning styles at Carroll Architectural Shade.

Adding metal awnings to your commercial building can provide valuable functionality and long-lasting curb appeal. Metal awnings are shade products typically installed at the front entrances of businesses, but they can also be used to cover outdoor dining or seating areas to provide extra comfort to your customers. Metal awnings are an excellent choice for commercial buildings because they are designed to have extra strength and durability – ideal for awnings exposed to outdoor elements year-round. There is also little maintenance required for these awnings, which is convenient for busy shop owners. But how do you know which metal awning styles are best for your building? There are a few significant styles you can consider with your design team at Carroll Architectural Shade. 

Storefront Awnings 

If you want to make an excellent first impression on your customers, consider installing a metal awning on your storefront. These metal awning styles are designed to attract customers to your store’s entrance. A high-quality awning should match the color scheme of your business and be built with premium materials. When you design your metal awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade, have access to superior metal awning designs from Datum. This awning company is highly experienced in crafting the best metal awnings in the industry. 

When you install attractive and durable awnings, you create an eye-catching design that attracts guests. When the awning provides weather coverage and shade to your customers as they enter your building, they will further appreciate this small touch that adds to their positive store experience. 

Outdoor Seating Awnings 

You can improve the comfort of your outdoor seating arrangements by adding custom metal awnings. These metal awning styles are designed for restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating. Adding durable metal awnings over these seating areas protects customers from harsh sunlight and passing rain showers. This allows you to keep your outdoor seating section open on all days, regardless of the forecast, and provides your customers with a comfortable outdoor dining option that can be quite comfortable and enjoyable. 

Standalone Awnings

Standalone awnings are another type of metal awning style popular with many commercial properties. As the name indicates, standalone awnings are independent of the rest of your building and can be placed in virtually any space. These awnings are useful for specific spaces outside the store, such as a bike rack or a picnic area. Standalone awnings are a great way to maximize your existing space and create new spaces within your property that appeal to customers and offer convenience and comfort. 


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