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4 Options for Metal Awning Placement On Your Building

Posted on Thursday, March 16th, 2023 at 9:57 am.

Determine the best metal awning placement for your building with Carroll Architectural Shade.

If you own a business that receives a lot of sunlight or has a spacious outdoor area, consider installing a new awning. When you design new awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade, you can find high-quality awnings from our awning industry partners, such as Datum. Datum metal awnings are the premier metal awnings, designed to be durable and stylish additions to any building. Because you can utilize your new awning throughout your property, you should consider the ideal metal awning placement for your needs. The following are four excellent options for your new awning placement. 

Shelter Your Drive-Through

A durable metal awning best covers drive-throughs at restaurants, banks, pharmacies, or other locations. This metal awning placement can bring attention to your store and direct drivers to your drive-thru. At the same time, the awning provides extra comfort to drivers as they wait under the drive-thru or open their windows to collect their items from the store window. On a rainy or snowy day, the weather can become a hassle. To avoid wet cars, food, or customers, installing an awning is best. 

Create More Space Near Your Entrance 

Installing a custom-made metal awning over your store entrance can do a lot to highlight this most critical part of your building. Your new awning can attract customers with bright, bold colors and impressive architectural style provided by the Datum product line. You can also customize your awning to include your store name or logo. This can further direct customers to your entrance. Awnings can be sized to provide the coverage you need. Your awnings can cover your doorway or be wide enough to cover outdoor benches or tables.

Shade Your Storefront Windows

If your business has a storefront with many large windows, consider installing awnings for the shade benefits they provide. When awnings are placed over windows, they provide shade and block the direct sunlight from pouring into your store. Without awnings, your store can quickly become hot, uncomfortable, and susceptible to harsh glares on your registers or in your customers’ eyes. Shading your windows creates a more comfortable setting for your items, employees, and customers.

Create Your Outdoor Seating Area

Your metal awning placement depends on what your business does. Cafes or restaurants that want to expand their seating possibilities can use metal awnings to create a comfortable outdoor seating area. With new awnings installed, you can provide shade and weather protection for your outdoor guests. When you work with the design team at Carroll Architectural Shade, you can create and install a beautiful and durable new awning made with high-quality Datum products.


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