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Comparing Metal Awnings with Canvas Awnings

Posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2023 at 10:37 am.
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Compare the benefits of metal awnings with traditional canvas awnings to discover what this style has to offer.

When selecting your new awning, you have many styles to choose from. While canvas awnings are often considered the standard awning style, these are only sometimes suitable for what you need. Fortunately, metal awnings are growing in popularity and are available in a variety of styles that can suit your home or business. Plus, metal and aluminum awnings can offer substantial durability and convenience during their lifespan. If you are ready to explore the benefits of metal awnings compared to canvas awnings, keep reading. Contact Carroll Architectural Shade to discover the awning options for your property. 

Your Awning’s Lifespan

Both metal awnings and canvas awnings can last for decades, especially when designed and installed by experienced professionals. However, with canvas awnings, you may notice some wear in the canvas sooner and want to replace that element. With your metal or aluminum awning, you can install it and forget about it. Your metal awning requires virtually no maintenance and should last for decades. 

Carroll Architectural Shade partners with metal awning manufacturers like Datum to provide our clients with the most durable and high-quality metal awnings possible. When you select the best awning manufacturers, you can enjoy highly durable, low-maintenance awnings. 

Maintenance Required 

Your new aluminum awnings require less daily maintenance. Rainwater flows easily from the awning to the ground when it hits the surface of your metal awning. Canvas awnings can trap water, which can lead to mold and mildew. Canvas is also more likely to trap leaves, dirt, and other outdoor debris, so you must be more diligent about regular cleaning. 

Your metal awnings are designed to let debris and water flow right off of them without accumulating leaves or other items that damage the material. If dirt or debris builds up, you can use water to wipe it away quickly. 

Protection Offered By Your Awnings

Aluminum is the better choice if you want an awning that doubles as extra protection from inclement weather. This lightweight but durable material is designed to withstand high winds and rain. Canvas, however, can be more delicate and is at risk for damage, particularly in high winds or when covered in heavy ice or snow during winter. 

Improved Shade 

Providing shade is vital to why many property owners add awnings to their locations. Both canvas and metal awnings can provide ample shade for your space. However, when installing a canvas awning, you must be mindful of the fabric colors you choose, as a darker color can often provide more protection from the sun’s heat. You can also find light and dark metal awning colors, but your metal color is much less likely to fade due to sun exposure. 

Expanding Your Space

If you want to expand your home’s living space, a metal awning can be combined with a screened enclosure to efficiently extend your roof. Consult with the Carroll Architectural Shade professionals to determine the best design options. 


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