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Preparing Your Awning Fabric For The Winter Freeze

Posted on Friday, November 18th, 2016 at 6:41 pm.

Get your awning fabric prepared for the winter so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Window awnings can lower your overall cooling costs, according to the US Department of Energy. This heat reduction can save you massive amounts of money in energy bills all summer long. However, when you need that extra sun in the winter, tuck your awnings away. Before you tuck them away for the winter months, though, don’t forget to winterize them. Winterized awning fabric is well taken care of and will be more than ready to snap into action come spring. They will be protected from cold temperatures, ice, snow, and strong winds. Here is what you need to do to properly winterize your awning fabric.

Clean Your Awning Fabric

First, brush off any leaves, dirt, or other debris that may have accumulated on your awning. Start at the topmost edge of the awning and work your way down toward the bottom edge. Then hose off your awning to get it truly clean. You can then use a soft-bristled brush to take care of any more stubborn stains or dirt spots. Then, mix a small amount of dish soap and mildly warm water in a bucket. Scrub the awning back and forth with care. Keep your brush damp and rinse it regularly to avoid spreading the dirt around.

Give Your Awning Ample Time To Dry

Make sure your awning fabric has dried completely before you close it up. Even the slightest amount of dampness will encourage the growth of mold and mildew, creating entirely new problems and potentially ruining your awning. If your awning has a hanging valence remove it and also give it time to dry.  

Retract Your Awning And Stow It Away   

Retract your awning and check it for loose or hanging fabric that could potentially tear or suffer damage during the long winter storage. If there is a tie, tie the fabric out of the way and fold it up to prepare it for storage. Cover it with a winter cover to ensure that it is safe and ready to be used again when the weather warms.  

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