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Preparing your Awning for Summer

Posted on Friday, May 8th, 2015 at 2:22 pm.

Summer is the best time to take advantage of your awning. Make sure yours is ready to go.

With Mother’s Day almost behind us, there is practically nothing standing between you and summertime. Spring cleaning is almost behind you, and your home is ready for the impending sunshine and heat. Is your awning? When it comes to spring cleaning for your awning, don’t just focus on its look. Identify any issues you may have so that preparing your awning and getting it into top shape for summer are a breeze. 

Clear Away Debris

If your awning was left in place throughout the fall, winter, and early spring months, it probably has a significant build up of debris. The first thing you should do is to head up to the top of your ladder and clear away the gunk that has accumulated on top of your awning. A large broom can help you get the bulk of leaves and dirt away, but as it is springtime, you should give your awning a thorough cleaning. Brush away any cobwebs, clean up the supports, and use an appropriate cleanser to ensure that your fabric or metal awning is looking great and projecting fabulous curb appeal throughout your neighborhood. Once your awning is looking good, you’ll have a better view of any functional issues your awning might have.

Awning Inspection

Intense cold, high winds, and constant precipitation can have a significant effect on your awning through the winter months. Before you allow your family and friends to spend time under your awning during the spring and summer months, make sure you inspect your awning for any signs of decay. Structural failures can be dangerous. Start by examining the fabric of your awning for any rips or tears. These can be easily mended by you or a professional, and spring is the perfect time to make such repairs. Next, check the frame of your awning and make extra sure that it is sturdy. If there are structural issues, contact your local awning professionals at Carroll Awning. If your awning has any damage, try not to use it as much as possible. Any extra wear and tear can lead to further issues.

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