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Taking Care Of Your Awning: Avoid These Problems

Posted on Friday, September 15th, 2017 at 2:27 pm.
Taking Care Of Your Awning: Avoid These Problems

Your awning is one of the first features that people see as they approach your home or business.

Your awning is one of the first features that people see as they approach your home or business. Maintaining its look is important because it shows your attention to detail and the care you put into your home or business. It’s a direct reflection of who you are. With that said, there are many common issues that awning owners face. Here are the ways you can avoid some of the most common problems. 

Moisture Damage

Awnings are usually made of fabric or aluminum and excess moisture can have a damaging effect on both materials. First, fabric awnings can develop a mold problem as a result of prolonged moisture exposure. If mold develops it causes a foul odor and may create an unhealthy environment.  Mold is also easily avoidable by regularly cleaning and manually drying your awning after a shower. With aluminum and moisture, rust is an ever-present possibility and is also easily avoidable with regular maintenance. For both materials, in the winter, the weight of ice and snow can compromise the structure of your awning and cause warping, pressure and maybe even holes. After snowfall and ice storms, be sure to push the excess weight off the surface of your awning.

Sun Damage  

Sun damage is immediately apparent because of the familiar fading that you’ll see. Ultra-violet rays overtime will cause the paint on your awning to dull and therefore effect the look of your logos and other designs. And like moisture, the sun may also compromise the structure of your awning by causing the materials to melt and decay. UV protection sprays and other forms of protectant are the best way to avoid this problem and extend the look and life of your awning.


If you’ve ever walked under an awning or canopy and been greeted by a swarm of unfriendly insects then you know how much of a nuisance this problem can be for your guests and customers. Ridding yourself of bees, wasps, and other flying insects is essential for the comfort and safety of everyone. If there is already a nest or hive, having it removed is important but then taking the necessary steps to keep those insects away is even more important. Using environmentally-friendly products that won’t harm people or your awning would be the best measure to avoid this problem and keep it from returning.

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