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How to Use Your Awning as a Branding Tool for Your Business

Posted on Friday, December 1st, 2017 at 8:15 pm.
Branding on Awning

An awning represents a great branding opportunity for your business!

Did you know that one of the most powerful branding tools your business has in right above your door? Your awning! A commercial awning is a vital part of branding and the way that you present your business to the world. How can you start to utilize your awning as a branding tool for your business?

Presentation is Everything

In business and conversation, how you say things is much more important than what you are actually saying. The tone of your voice, sincerity of your expression, and your appearance all play into the impression that someone gets. The same is true for your commercial awning. As a branding tool, it should look very professional and make a positive impression on anyone that sees it walking by your business. An average or plain awning might get the basic task done of telling people where you are located, but it will not be a revenue-driver for you!

Less Is More

When it comes to creating an awning that is effective for your branding and your business, you should keep in mind the following simple awning design tips:

  • Your commercial awning should be consistent with any other branded materials that your business uses, like signs or marketing collateral. It should seamlessly fit in with the existing representations of your business that any customer might see.
  • Your awning should have less than seven words printed on it, and you should use large lettering that is easy to read. The lettering should also be evenly spaced for an optimal experience.
  • Utilize one color scheme or graphic design, instead of cluttering up the awning with numerous logos and graphics. Keeping things simple will actually attract more customers than a busy and overwhelming sign.
  • Use a bold font instead of all capital letters, as most consumers do not prefer signage that is all-caps over signage written normally.

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