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Waterproof awnings vs. Water Resistant: What is the Difference?

Posted on Sunday, February 16th, 2014 at 8:40 pm.
The best of waterproof awnings

Decide whether you install waterproof awnings or water-resistant awning fabric.

You’re getting ready to purchase awnings for your property, but do you know what awning fabric will best serve your property? Will you go with waterproof fabrics or water-resistant fabric?


Yes, there’s a difference between waterproof awnings and water-resistant awnings.


What are waterproof awning fabrics? 


Waterproof awning fabrics are awnings that are designed so water cannot penetrate through the awning fabric. A perfect example of waterproof awning fabrics are laminated awning fabrics. Waterproof awning fabrics are also available as woven fabrics such as acrylic fabric. With woven fabrics, waterproofing happens between the weaves of the fabric.


What are water-resistant awning fabrics?


Water-resistant awning fabrics are any type of awning fabric that can shield you from water but  lose this ability as time passes along. Therefore it is only considered a water repellent fabric as it needs ongoing treatment to maintain its water resistance.


How easy is it to clean awning fabric? 


Cleaning awning fabric is not challenging at all if you know what you’re doing. With a good brush, you can remove dirt easily. After dirt removal is completed, let your awning fabric dry. Then wash it with warm water and soap for any challenging dirt removal spots.


What about awning cleaning for winter storms?


Although it is wintertime, there’s no need for you to store away your awnings. You can use awnings all year long. When heavy snowfall happens, close retract your awnings until the winter weather has passed. Awnings are designed to endure the weather elements of all seasons.


Well-designed custom awnings can remain waterproof for years to come. When your custom awnings are no longer waterproofed, consult with a professional awning company.


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