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What can a Commercial Awning do for my Restaurant?  

Posted on Friday, February 20th, 2015 at 8:57 pm.

sidewalk cafeNew restaurants are always popping up and it can be tough to stand out in any town. You need the look, the advertising, and the space to get noticed. A good amount of your business will come from passersby, and without an awning, your restaurant could be easy to miss. Adding a commercial awning to your restaurant can be incredibly beneficial for a number of interesting reasons.

Curb Appeal

The idea of curb appeal doesn’t just apply to homes anymore. Your customers will have an easier time spotting your restaurant if you’ve got an awning standing tall. When people see your restaurant, they’ll make a snap judgment that could determine whether or not they’ll stop for a bite. An awning can be designed in a multitude of ways to perfectly match your design, and add a splash of whimsy, elegance, or style. Not only will it look good, but it will serve as a constant advertisement for your restaurant. During all hours of everyday, people will drive or walk by and see the name of your restaurant. A well-placed awning can work serious overtime drumming up business.

Extra Space

Larger awnings have the additional benefit of creating larger outdoor space. Your restaurant’s patio is likely only useful on certain days of the year. It can’t be too cold, too hot, too snowy, or too rainy. When you add an awning you will greatly extend the life of your outdoor dining area. Awnings provide shade from blistering heat, and can make it possible to sit outside during minor storms. When you have more available tables, you’ll have the opportunity to seat more guests, and you’ll make more money.

Financial Benefits

Awnings can improve the financial standing of your restaurant in two ways. First, when you invest in a commercial awning, you’ll see a drop in your monthly energy bills. Awnings protect your space from the suns harmful rays, and make it much easier to maintain a cooler indoor space. Your air conditioning system won’t have to work overtime to keep customers comfortable. Secondly, a commercial awning can increase the value of your business. Awnings are attractive to potential buyers because of all of these incredible benefits.

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