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4 Window Shade Products to Consider for Your Home

Posted on Thursday, December 7th, 2023 at 9:34 am.
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Consider the many window shade products at Carroll Architectural Shade, including retractable awnings and drop shades.

Window shade products and awnings are essential to every home. They add lasting curb appeal and value, providing increased comfort, energy savings, and protection from harsh shade and rainy weather. But what awnings should you install? If you are ready to add window shade products to your home, you will notice that the options are abundant. Carroll Architectural Shade designers will work with you to create a custom shade product that provides you with the style, shade, and functionality you desire. 

Retractable Awnings

Retractable window awnings help you precisely control the sunlight and heat entering your home. By blocking the heat from the sun and letting neutral sunlight in, you can reduce your need to turn your air conditioning up and, in turn, lower your energy bills. Depending on your preference, you can extend retractable awnings to cover all or part of your windows. You can then close the awnings when you want to let in more sunlight, particularly during colder months when you want sunlight to enter your home and heat it naturally. Retractable window awnings can be operated by hand or by remote control for your convenience. 

Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings are classic types of window shade products. These awnings are installed permanently on a building and are available in many shapes and sizes. This awning is ideal for many applications and can expertly balance exterior aesthetics with utility by reducing your home’s heat gain. They also keep interior rooms cool and offer extra protection from the sun. Fixed awnings will help you block harmful UV rays while letting in natural light for illumination and ambiance. These awnings are very user-friendly and require less maintenance and retractable awnings. 

Custom Awnings

If you want to add window shade products that have unbeatable color and character, design custom awnings with Carroll Architectural Shade. These awnings can be made in many sizes and styles, depending on your window width and height. They can be mounted on shutters or casings and are available in many styles to suit residential and commercial properties. 

Custom window awnings are created to your specifications and preferences. You select the colors, materials, and awning shapes to create your dream awning installation.

Drop Shades

At Carroll Architectural Shade, you can find window shade products beyond awnings – such as drop shades. These shades come down flat against the window and provide complete shade from the sun. They often do not block sunlight completely but filter the light through the shade into your home. This way, you can still enjoy natural illumination on bright summer days but without the harsh glare that comes with unfiltered light. These shades can create a bold, cohesive design that protects your home from outside sunshine and prying eyes while letting you enjoy your views from the inside. 

If you want to add window shade products to your home, contact Carroll Architectural Shade for the best designs suited to your property. 


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