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The Advantages of Patio Awning Ownership

Posted on Thursday, December 14th, 2023 at 10:06 am.
carroll architectural shade advantages of patio awning ownership

Patio awning ownership offers many benefits for your family and home.

If you have never installed an awning on your property, now may be the time. If you own a gorgeous home with a backyard patio, that is the ideal location for a new awning from Carroll Architectural Shade. Patio awning ownership comes with many benefits, including style and cost savings. If you are ready to explore the practical and stylish benefits of a new patio awning, contact Carroll Architectural Shade designers to learn more. 

Improve the Aesthetics of Your Property 

Modern awning and canopy designs combine form, color, light, and texture with a solid structure to create something long-lasting and beautiful. Awnings are custom-made by Carroll Architectural Shade to suit your existing property perfectly. 

Protect Your Property From Mother Nature

Patio awning ownership helps you protect your property from the damaging effects of sun, sleet, rain, snow, and hail. Rain is directed away from your windows, doors, and the brick or siding surrounding those areas. Awnings also help prolong the sealant’s life around your windows, enabling you to avoid costly repairs. 

Save Money on Energy

One of the primary advantages of patio awning ownership, beyond the increased style, is the potential savings you can enjoy. Your awning saves energy and protects your furniture, carpets, floors, and rugs from fading. More energy is transmitted through glass windows and doors than through other features of your home. 

A square foot of glass absorbs more heat on a hot day than an entire insulated wall. The sunlight coming through the windows is responsible for about 20% of the demand on your air conditioner. Awnings above these windows provide shade and reduce the heat absorption and air conditioning required to keep your home cool. 

Extend Your Outdoor Space

Awnings built above a patio or deck create a calm and relaxing extension of your living space. During summer, you will especially appreciate the natural cooling benefits of patio awnings. You can sit outside, dine, or host guests without sweating profusely or risking sunburn. 

Different Types of Patio Awnings

Depending on your home design, lifestyle, and style preferences, you may consider installing many types of patio awnings. Carroll Architectural Shade can help you determine which may be best for your home. These style options include: 

  • Outdoor window awnings: place awnings above each window to provide interior shade
  • Door awnings: Install awnings over your patio door to provide shade around the entrance and indoors
  • Full patio awning: Your patio awning will provide shade across your patio to cover the entire area and create a cooler outdoor space. 
  • Retractable awnings: These can cover windows, doors, or your entire patio, but you decide when to extend and retract the awnings for the desired shade. 
  • Canopies: These free-standing structures can offer shade to your patio without being installed on or directly attached to the side of your house. 

As you consider the benefits of patio awning ownership, be sure to work with an awning design team you trust for the very best results. 


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