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The Benefits of a Residential Entrance Canopy

Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 at 12:29 pm.
residential entrance canopy

A residential entrance canopy or awning can provide useful protection from the elements.

As we move into the wet, chilly fall and winter seasons, home entryways can become dangerous. There can be nothing quite as agitating as having wet leaves, ice, and snow pile up around your home entrance. This is not only dangerous but decreases your home’s appearance. An excellent solution to these issues is installing a beautiful and sturdy new residential entrance canopy. These home accessories are designed to protect your front entrance while providing extra style to your front door. Read on to learn more about how these entrance canopies can benefit your home this season. 

Increased Shelter and Security

With a new residential entrance canopy, you and your visitors no longer need to stand exposed to the elements while searching for your keys. Installing a light under your canopy can increase security and nighttime visibility. 

Improved Curb Appeal

An entrance canopy can increase your property’s curb appeal by adding a stylish pop of color and three-dimensional design to your home. This not only helps your home stand out from the other similar homes on your street but increases your home’s resale value. An entrance canopy can make a great first impression on any visitor to your home. 

Protected Home Exterior

Your front door canopy protects your front step or front porch from excess sunlight, rainfall, and snowfall. If you have many trees around your home, it may also protect your entrance from fallen leaves that can be a slippery hazard. Over time, exposure to sunlight, rain, ice, and snow can degrade the materials of your front entrance. The protection provided by an entrance canopy means that your front entry can continue to look brand new through many years of weather. 

Increased Outside Storage

Adding an entrance canopy can be beneficial to back entrances to your home as well. These spaces, at the front and back of your home, can also create convenient outdoor shelters. For instance, you can store wet shoes or umbrellas while you wait for them to dry. You no longer have to risk tracking in muddy footprints on those rainy or snow days. 

By installing a simple residential entrance canopy above your front door, you can make significant improvements to your home’s appearance and safety while creating a sheltered space for your family members. 


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