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A Guide to Custom Metal Awnings

Posted on Thursday, April 20th, 2023 at 10:09 am.
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Custom metal awnings can provide your property with bold style and durable functionality.

Awnings are a timeless accessory for any building. These accessories are relatively easy to install and fit into your existing property design. Awnings are typically constructed from metal or fabric, with metal awnings providing undeniable durability that can be highly beneficial for property owners who want awnings that provide long-lasting and stylish coverage. If you are ready to add more shade, protection, and appeal to your property, you can work with the experienced designers at Carroll Architectural Shade to create the best quality awnings for your home or business. What type of custom metal awnings can you design with our team? 

Supported Flat Metal Awnings

Supported flat metal awnings are supported by two arms over your entrance, patio, or other outdoor areas. These structures can withstand harsh weather conditions much better than a fabric awning because of their fully durable and supportive construction. For example, metal awnings can more easily withstand hail, strong wind, and heavy snow. 

Additionally, metal awnings can be customized to suit the colors and style of your home so you can enjoy the protection they offer without sacrificing the curb appeal of your property. At Carroll Architectural Shade, we partner with Datum, a premiere metal awning manufacturer. Their high-quality products will help ensure that your awnings are stylish and durable for years to come. 

Unsupported Metal Awnings 

You may also customize unsupported awnings to meet the specific requirements you need. This style of custom metal awnings is one in which the awning does not have support arms that reach the ground. To avoid collapse, this awning requires a stable mountain base for support in the air. The proportions should be limited to 20 feet wide and project outwards no more than four feet from the building. If you wish to cover a large area, you should install multiple awnings side by side. 

Hybrid Fabric and Metal Awnings 

This option provides some durability of metal awnings, with the visual flair of fabric awnings. Typically, the fabric will be set down on a metal frame. You can design a particular fabric awning with the colors, logos, or patterns you prefer, while the robust metal base ensures that the structure isn’t easily displaced by wind. This can provide you with improved aesthetics and weather protection. 

The Advantages of Metal Awnings 

No matter what type of awning you choose to install, custom metal awnings offer the same key benefits that make them an excellent choice for property owners worldwide. These benefits are: 

  • Durability: The metal construction can withstand the majority of outdoor elements, so your awning isn’t damaged by everyday wind or hail. 
  • Style: Experienced awning designers can help you coordinate your awning designs with any decor and can create stylish designs while maintaining functionality. 
  • Fire Resistance: Aluminum is one of the most commonly used fireproof materials. This can help limit the damage if a fire starts on your property. 

When you are ready to install long-lasting custom metal awnings, contact the experienced team at Carroll Architectural Shade to discuss your options. 


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