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How Restaurants Can Use Shade Products to Create Outdoor Seating

Posted on Thursday, November 12th, 2020 at 11:09 am.
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Learn how Carroll Architectural Shade products can create outdoor seating for your restaurant.

To keep their customers safe and compliant with COVID-19 precautions, many restaurants have created an outdoor dining experience for their guests. As we move into the chillier fall and winter months, these restaurants can make adaptations to continue to make their outdoor seating an appealing place to be. Utilizing shade products like awnings and roll-up curtains combined with space heaters and other accessories, can help restaurants maintain their business through the colder months. Read on to learn more about how Carroll shade products can benefit your restaurant’s outdoor seating.

Awnings with Heaters 

An awning is a versatile shade product that can create a dining space out of any space on your property. If your restaurant has, or plans to, convert outdoor parking lots or patio areas into an outdoor dining experience, an awning can help you do so. You can select awnings in various colors and styles to blend it perfectly with your existing architecture. These awnings are great for seating areas or restaurants where customers and employees come and go frequently or enjoy a view of the surrounding area. 

These awnings protect your seating area from weather and provide shade on those extra-sunny days. When you add space heaters to your seating area, you create a comfortable outdoor space that doesn’t have to rely on the weather’s whims to be enjoyable.

Consider Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are always excellent shade products for buildings that already have an outdoor seating or patio area placed next to their building. The retractable awning attached to the building is designed to be opened or closed, depending on your preference. If you want your customers to have the option of enjoying the sunshine on a bright day, or perhaps the stars on a clear night, you may close the awning. If it rains, you can open the awning and provide shelter to your guests. 

Roll-up Curtains for Insulated Comfort

Roll-up curtains are the most all-encompassing shade product. These curtains are designed to act as transparent walls around a designated area. With these shade products, your customers not only benefit from a shaded area and an outdoor cover from the weather but from extra insulation as well. Roll-up curtains are excellent choices for restaurants that wish to have their outdoor space act as an extension of their building. If your outdoor seating is placed near a busy street or sidewalk, roll-up curtains also provide a valuable sense of privacy for guests. 


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