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How to Select Your Ideal Commercial Awning System

Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2021 at 9:55 am.
carroll architectural shade commercial awning system

Add a valence and a bold, detailed logo to create an attractive commercial awning system.

If your business has some sense of charm and visual interest, your storefront is much more likely to catch the eye of passing customers. One of the easiest ways to create this visual interest and build a beautiful, eye-catching store is to add an awning to your building exterior. Many awning styles are available, so any business owner can find a style that suits their existing building or brand. As you build your commercial awning system, consider the following factors that will influence the effectiveness of your new awnings. 

Are You Looking for Form, Function, or Both? 

One of the first considerations when building your commercial awning system is whether you want your awning to serve any functional purpose or to be primarily decorative. 

If you only want an awning that elevates the beauty of your building, you won’t need to install an awning that extends far out from your building. Instead, you can focus more on the design and the logo as it appears on the awning. 

However, if you want your awning to be functional and attractive, you need to consider the size. An awning can protect customers from the weather as they enter your store, or it can provide shade over an outdoor patio. No matter what you want your awning to do, discuss your plans with the designers at Carroll Architectural Shade, so your awning meets your form and function goals. 

Factor In Drainage

Your commercial awning system will be affected by the existing drainage of your store. You should factor this into the equation as you determine which awning system will suit your needs best. 

If an awning is placed near a rain gutter or downspout, it could face a significant amount of moisture. In these areas, it is best to use an awning system that features a concave design to allow the water to drain off the awning as necessary. 

However, a convex awning may be a wise choice for windows or doors that are not located near building drainage elements. The rounded curve of the convex awning encourages water to pool away from the building’s foundation. 

Your Brand Message

Of course, as you create your ideal commercial awning system, you must consider the brand message your company is trying to communicate to customers. This will influence the design you choose for your exterior awning. If you want a more traditional, elegant appearance, you may add a valance to the end of your awning. This extends the awning fabric that hangs at the edge to give it a more classic appearance. 

If you want a more industrial appearance, however, you may consider a variety of metal or aluminum awnings. Finally, you must also consider the colors you choose for the awning and the printed business name and logo. 

When you work with an experienced awning designer, you can work with them to determine the most effective colors and patterns for your awning.


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