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How to Select the Best Commercial Awning Color

Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2020 at 11:09 am.
commercial awning color

Different awning colors create different impressions. Learn which awning color might be best for you!

A well-designed commercial awning can add an attractive element to your building and protect your rooms from harsh sunlight. However, a new awning for your storefront can also do a lot to attract new customers and help your brand make an impression. The impact your awning makes is significantly influenced by the color you select for your awning fabric. Some colors are better suited to specific businesses, for instance. How can you determine which awning color is best for your property? Read on to learn more about what the most popular awning colors can do for your business. 

Red Awnings

The color red instantly draws attention to any business. This high-energy color can inspire excitement, action, and passion. Because this commercial awning color stimulates the senses so much, it is often used for the food industry. However, it may also be useful to advertise a business built around athletic activities, like a gym or playground. 

Yellow Awnings

The color yellow is often seen as uplifting and illuminating. This color can be great for conveying a message of playfulness, happiness, and general optimism. Yellow must be used sparingly, however, because of its intensity. But when you use just enough, you can inspire relaxing mental clarity. Because of its visibility and playfulness, yellow commercial awnings can be great for entertainment businesses and businesses that cater to children’s products. 

Black Awnings

Black can be a great commercial awning color for any business, as it goes well with any existing building design. However, while black can instill confidence and convey seriousness, it can come off as intimidating if misused. Black awnings are best for industries that market luxurious and high-end goods and services and benefit from the minimalist design it can create. 

Blue Awnings

The color blue can convey honesty, dependability, and trust. This cool color can also promote feelings of safety and calmness in your visitors. This commercial awning color works best for corporate businesses that want to appear dependable and trustworthy to their visitors. 

Green Awnings

Because we associate the color green with nature, green awnings can inspire feelings of well-being and health. This is why many grocery stores and health food businesses use green logos and awnings. If your business is related to health or environmental awareness, it can also benefit from a calming green awning. 

Purple Awnings

The rich color purple is associated with weather, extravagance, and fantasy. The color purple is often used in artistic and creative fields or to identify premium goods and services. 

When designing your new commercial awning with Carroll Architectural Shade, our designers can help you visualize what each awning color may look like with your business. Once you’ve selected the best color, you can begin to benefit from your enhanced storefront design. 


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