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The Top Questions to Ask as a First-Time Awning Buyer

Posted on Friday, December 22nd, 2023 at 10:49 am.
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Are you a first-time awning buyer? Ask yourself these questions.

Awnings are a practical addition to any home and can be a positive investment when installed correctly. If you are considering updating your home by installing original awnings, you may have many questions. Some questions, in particular, are beneficial to ask yourself as a first-time awning buyer. The following questions will help you work with Carroll Architectural Shade designers to create and install the best awnings for your home and lifestyle. 

Which Suits You Better: Retractable or Stationary Awnings? 

There are two primary types of awnings: retractable and stationary. A fixed or stationary awning is permanently affixed to the exterior of your home and does not move. A retractable awning can extend and retract when you decide to provide shade or let the sunshine through. Stationary units are often simpler and more cost-effective, but retractable awnings provide versatile options, especially for backyard social spaces. 

Which Awning Professional Should You Work With? 

Part of installing a new awning is finding a manufacturer and installation company you can trust. As a first-time awning buyer, you can trust Carroll Architectural Shade to provide you with the high-quality products you expect. Our expert team can help you select and create your ideal awning suited to complement your existing home design. We will install the awning securely and advise you on how to best care for it so it lasts for many years. 

Where Will You Be Installing the Awnings? 

Most people will install awnings over their backyard or patio area. However, you may also choose to install awnings over windows or entrances. Before selecting your new awnings, decide where you want to install them. You might also consider where your home may most benefit from additional shade. Decreasing sun exposure in your home can lower your overall indoor temperatures and save money on air conditioning expenses. Not all outdoor spaces are the same, and the awning you like may not fit the space you have. Your awning designer will help you select the best awning for your chosen installation location.

What Fabrics Are Offered? 

Awning covers come in a variety of colors and patterns. The fabric chosen will not only decide the style of your outdoor space but also determine how long it may withstand constant exposure to the elements. A cover made of breathable materials designed to wick away moisture will withstand the elements best. As a first-time awning buyer, you can trust Carroll Architectural Shade to help you choose the best fabric material and design. 


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