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Tips for Using Your Awnings in Winter

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2022 at 3:20 pm.
carroll architectural shade awnings in winter

You can get the most out of your awnings in winter by using them as protection at entrances.

Awnings are an excellent addition to any commercial or residential property you want to stand out. Awnings are often used to cover building entrances, protect visitors from the elements, or as cover to provide shade. Because awnings are not only decorative but functional, taking care of them throughout the seasons is essential so your new awnings can last for years. If you have new awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade, consider these practical tips for using your awnings in winter. 

When to Use Your Awnings in Winter

The best time to use your awnings in winter depends on a few factors and your awning style. If you have fabric awnings, you may use them to protect your home, patios, or entrances from falling leaves in late fall and light snowfall in early winter. If you expect heavy snowfall, however, it may be best to retract your awnings if possible or use Carroll Architectural Shade’s winter storage service for your permanent fabric awnings. This is a precaution to make sure the heavy, icy snow doesn’t put too much weight on your awnings. If you have heavy-duty awnings made of aluminum or other strong materials, weight may not be a concern.

The Effects of Winter on Awnings

How do awnings help you in the winter? We know that they can keep your home cool during the summer and provide much-needed shade, but what about in the winter? During colder months, awnings create a barrier between the cold air outside and your warm indoor temperatures. 

However, as you must be careful of the impact of summer storms on your awnings, during winter, you must be wary about the effects of snow and ice. If water accumulates on the surface of your awnings, it can freeze and turn into heavy ice that can result in awning damage. 

How to Protect Your Awnings in the Winter

Awnings can often be protected from winter weather by using insulating covers to provide extra protection from the snow, ice, and cold. Another classic way to ensure your awnings stay durable is to practice regular maintenance throughout the year. 

Selecting the Right Winter Awnings

There are many awnings on the market, each with unique benefits. If you want an awning that will last throughout all winter weather, there are certain features you should look for. 

First, consider the material. If you are looking for a highly durable awning, consider aluminum over vinyl. Additionally, consider where you are placing your awnings. Are there particular areas you wish to protect from snow and ice in your home? Awnings over front and back entrances are especially popular because they provide space to knock snow off your boots and prevent drifts from blowing inside your home. 


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