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5 Key Benefits to Installing Outdoor Custom Awnings

Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2022 at 9:39 am.
carroll architectural shade outdoor custom awnings

Design outdoor custom awnings to keep your home comfortable and stylish.

Outdoor awnings can be useful for providing cool shade, blocking sun glare and sunburns, and protecting spaces from falling rain or snow. However, these awnings have more benefits to offer beyond the practical shade and weather protection. New outdoor custom awnings from Carroll Architectural Shade can be designed to suit your specific home design so you enhance the overall appearance of your property. You can also use them when hosting outdoor events and can enjoy energy savings with help from your awnings. When you install new Carroll Architectural Shade awnings, you can prepare to enjoy these advantages. 

Outdoor Custom Awnings Bring a Pop of Color

The color you select for your outdoor awning is extremely important. The color should be considered carefully and complement the colors of your home exterior. This way, you don’t need to adjust your existing home design but can enhance it through custom-designed awnings that accentuate your entrances and windows. 

Awnings Can Bring Down Your Energy Costs

When installed strategically, your outdoor custom awnings can influence your energy bill. When your awnings cover sun-facing windows during the summer, the shade from the awnings prevents the sun from entering your home and heating things up. When your home heats up this way, your air conditioning has to work much harder to maintain cool temperatures. When the sun is blocked from entering your home, your air conditioning can run less while keeping you cool. 

If you install retractable awnings, you can close those same awnings during winter to take advantage of the sunlight that enters your home. This way, natural sunlight can warm your house, so your heating works less. 

Awnings Increase Your Home’s Value

When you work with awning professionals at Carroll Architectural Shade to design custom awnings, you can add value to your home. These high-quality awnings provide a unique feature to your home and the benefits listed here, making your property more valuable to prospective buyers. 

Awnings Are An Asset for Events

Using outdoor custom awnings for parties is a great way to provide comfort to your guests. Open up your deck or patio awning to provide your guests with a shaded area where they can gather without getting too hot or uncomfortable. If a rain shower should come through, your guests can stay outside if they want without getting wet! You can even hang string lights from your awning to add extra flair. 

Awnings Provide Great Spots for Relaxation 

No matter the weather, your outdoor custom awnings can create a relaxing space. It’s like adding another room to your house! You can place your favorite outdoor furniture underneath them and curl up with your pets or a good book – without getting uncomfortable or worrying about damage to your furniture. Your awning also shelters you from rain and falling leaves or debris from trees in your yard. 

Install new Carroll Architectural Shade awnings today if you want to enjoy a more comfortable and versatile home. 


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