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Awning Maintenance Tips For Winter

Posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2020 at 9:06 am.
Awning Maintenance Tips to Get Through the Winter
To avoid having trouble with your awning this winter, here are some awning maintenance tips to get you through the season.

Regular maintenance is crucial to preserving a home’s retractable awning. Maintenance becomes especially important during the winter. When the weather gets colder, many people forget to care for their awnings, causing them to get damaged and need repairs or an entire replacement. To avoid having trouble with your awning this winter, here are some awning maintenance tips to get you through the season.

Check Your Awning for Mildew

Part of your awning maintenance should be to inspect your awning for mildew. It’s commonplace for this to happen to retractable awnings because they are always exposed to the weather. Mildew that builds up on your fabric can become a serious problem. That’s why you need to find and clean off mildew as soon as you can.

Use the Right Cleaners

One of the best ways to ensure your retractable awning lasts is to keep it clean. A clean, well-maintained awning can last for many years. In the winter, snow and rain can build up on your awning, causing mildew. That’s why you have to keep your awning clean to avoid this problem.

Proper awning maintenance starts with a good cleaner. You want a cleaner that is meant for outdoor surfaces. Spray both the inside and outside of your awning as it rolls so that the cleaner can get distributed evenly along the surface of the fabric. Let the cleaner soak in, then spray your awning down using a hose. Don’t scrub the surface because you might remove the finish.

Check Your Awning for Tears

Another big part of awning maintenance is checking your awning for tears. Inspect the edges and seams to make sure there aren’t any rips or tears in your fabric. If you see any damage, patch the damaged areas to get it back in good condition. If the damage is too severe, you might need to replace the fabric altogether.

Think About Storing Your Awning for Winter

Retractable awnings may be better off stored away until spring. As mentioned earlier, aspects of winter, such as rain and snow, can cause damage to your retractable awning if you leave it out. You’re less likely to be outside anyway when the weather is cold, so you get less use out of your awning even if you leave it out. Storing your awning also keeps it protected from various animals that may damage it otherwise.

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