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Retractable Awning Maintenance Tips

Posted on Thursday, December 5th, 2019 at 9:20 am.
Here are some awning maintenance tips to make your awning last for several years to come.

Retractable awnings are the perfect way to give your deck much-needed shade. Unfortunately, like all other house projects, you have to maintain them, or else they’ll be in bad shape. Here are some awning maintenance tips to make your awning last for several years to come.

Only Use Your Retractable Awning to Protect You from the Sun

The primary purpose of your retractable awning is to offer you shade when you need it the most. It’s not meant to be a trampoline or a cat’s favorite hangout spot. It’s also not meant for inclement weather such as snow, hail, and heavy wind. Proper retractable awning maintenance means only using it when you need to use it. Improper use of your awning can shorten its lifespan.

Retract your Retractable Awning When It’s Not in Use

Retracting your awning when it’s not needed is the perfect way for it to avoid taking unnecessary damage. That’s why you should always retract your awning whenever you aren’t using it.

Inspect Mechanical Parts of Your Retractable Awning

Part of your awning maintenance routine should be to perform inspections on all of the mechanical parts of your awning. If you see mechanical parts of your awning breaking or rusting, you should get them replaced. Make sure to lubricate all moving parts annually.

Regularly Clean your Retractable Awning

You should clean your awning’s frame and fabric once every month. By cleaning your awning regularly, you lower the chances of anything getting dirty or rusty. It also helps keep any metal from breaking down. Another part of your awning maintenance routine should be to get rid of any dirt on your awning. Use a broom to brush off dirt and debris and wipe down your frame. Afterward, use cold water to rinse off the fabric. You should remove the fabric and give it a more thorough cleaning once per year.

Trim Shrubs and Trees Near Your Retractable Awning

The last part of your retractable awning maintenance doesn’t have to do with your awning directly. Instead, you should focus on the surrounding greenery near your awning. Falling branches can harm your awning, so it’s best to trim nearby trees and shrubs so that they can’t cause any harm. Trees also have an acid in them that can cause damage to your awning in the long run.

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