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Fall Residential Awning Tips

Posted on Thursday, September 19th, 2019 at 8:38 am.
Read on to find out how to prepare your residential awning for the fall.

Having a residential awning is great for the warm summer months. It can be used to protect your home from excess heat from the sun, which in turn puts less of a strain on your air conditioner to keep your home cool. But with fall right around the corner, you might find yourself not needing your awning up as much anymore. This is when you want to tuck it away.

But before you put your awning away for the fall and winter, you want to make a few preparations. Read on to find out how to prepare your residential awning for the fall.

Clean Your Awning Fabric

First, you need to brush off all of the debris that has piled up on your residential awning. Start toward the top of the awning and work your way down. After that, hose down your awning to make sure it gets cleaned. For any spots that are more stubborn and tough to clean, use a soft-bristled brush to handle them.

Once you’re done with that, mix some dish soap with a little bit of warm water and scrub down your awning. The brush you use should be damp at all times, and you should rinse it regularly so that you don’t end up spreading dirt around instead of cleaning the awning.

Give the Residential Awning Time to Dry

Make sure that your residential awning has dried completely before you close it. If there is even the slightest amount of moisture on the awning, it could start growing mold and mildew, which would be a whole new problem for you that might even ruin your awning for good. You also want to give your hanging valence enough time to dry if your awning has one.

Retract Your Residential Awning and Put it Away

After your residential awning has been cleaned and dried, you can go ahead and retract it. Check to see if there is any loose-hanging fabric because if there it is, it could suffer damage while stored away for the winter. If there is a tie, you want to tie your fabric to avoid damage, then fold it to get it ready to be stored. Shield your awning with a winter cover to keep it safe during the winter. This way, it will be in perfect condition when you’re ready to take it out again.

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